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I have many friends who are on facebook who are in favor of gay marriage. I would like some help with explaining the Catholic stance that would be easily understood, a quick enough read most would read it, but with enough substance to not be so easily dismissed. I'd love your help. Every time I try to write it out, it gets too long and not kind-yet-firm. Please help!

Mar 26th 2013 new
Love in the Catholic church is willing the GOOD of the other. Not giving people what they want.

Marriage is actually the joining of the original "Ish and "Isha" who were separated. Adam was separated to form Adam and Eve.

The church is worried that redefining marriage would force the Catholic church to acknowledge and even support things that morally they cannot support.

They have already closed many Catholic orphanages because it is against the Catholic religion to give children to a homosexual couple. They are worried that Catholic judges will be forced to perform a marriage ceremony on a homosexual couple. They are worried about Catholic schools and Catholic charities being shut down
Mar 26th 2013 new
It is a sin for Catholics to assist another person in committing a sin. For me, that includes supporting homosexual marriage. I consider that as "assisting". I can not stop them from having those relations, but I'm not going to assist them in carrying it further.
Mar 26th 2013 new
Also, it is simply not natural. It really isn't. The "Ish" and "Isha" were designed to fit back together. The sacrament of marriage is actually the sexual act. So the homosexual act desecrates marriage.
Mar 26th 2013 new
Would people want to make a law to let a man have 20 wives? They did for years...they also allowed Beastiality and marrying 10 year-olds. The current idea of sex is a Christian idea. Although the Jewish people hold the same idea.
Mar 26th 2013 new
When we say we don't want them to be married.....really we are saying...."I see this as bad for you, and I'm willing to say that even if you hate me". If a person DOES believe it is an evil, then they are really considering their own feelings and how they look and not considering the soul and welfare of the person that is gay/lesbian.
Mar 26th 2013 new

Go to, they have an excellent resource, "Why Homosexual Unions are Not Marriages." You can also order a free copy.

Mar 27th 2013 new

I don't think a rich, coherent view of sexuality can be reduced to 140 characters or less, unfortunately, and it seems we're up against slogans such as "love has no gender".

Until people learn critical thinking, which will happen on the 11th of Never, I think we just have to try our best to get people to listen for longer. Summarizing won't work on this since we're trying to explain to people who just have a wrong worldview so many steps before the question of sexuality itself.

But perhaps I'm just being pessimistic. Lord, have mercy.

Mar 27th 2013 new

That's what I'm finding, Gary, but I need short little bites I can use, one at a time, to lead to truth at the end. Spoonfeeding bit by bit may work. It's so difficult. And so important.

Mar 27th 2013 new
"What is love? Baby, don't hurt me!" night be a good start. :)
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