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Tribute to Our Beloved Priests

Mar 29th 2013 new

On this Holy Thursday... the day in which Christ established the priesthood I thought I would share this beautiful tribute to our beloved priests.

The Hands of Holy Orders

To our Beloved Priest, Fr. {Name of Priest entered here}, from the people of {Name of Parish entered here}
Look at the palms of your hands and remember back to that day when your bishop anointed them and sent you forth to love and serve….

Remember the plans you had that day for these hands to gather and minister to your people? ….Think back to the babies these hands have baptized…. Think of the children these hands have prepared for First Communion and Confirmation…. Think of the hundreds of homilies these hands have written, words that taught the truth of our Catholic Faith…. Think of the countless times these hands have been held up in blessing and forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Now think of your last Mass, and so many others, when you took plain bread and wine into these hands and changed them into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ…. Think of the hands, our hands, into which you placed His Precious Body and the cup of His Precious Blood. Think of the retreats, missions, the days and nights of renewal that these hands have prepared…. Think of the people these hands have gathered and touched and sent forth from these experiences, with a new understanding and love for each other and for our Catholic Church….Think of the hands, young and nervous, which your hands have joined in the Sacrament of Matrimony…. Think of the sick in mind and body that have come to you seeking help and left with hope alive in their hearts again… Think of the dying bodies these hands have anointed into Paradise.

Today, we anoint your hands anew with our love; with the love of your entire Catholic family. If ever, in days ahead you feel lonely and discouraged, please remember these words. Please hold up your hands and look at them, and remember how they fed us the Bread of Life, how they brought hope back into our lives, how they comforted us, healed us, and welcomed us home to our Church again.

We wish we could take you by the hand and stand at the busiest intersection in town and shout to the world, ‘Look everyone - This is our beloved priest, in whom we are well pleased-‘

These hands of yours are the hands of the Sacrament of Holy Order. We reverence them and we cannot live our lives without them…. without YOU. Thank you for faithfully loving and serving us. We are so proud that you are OUR beloved priest.

Written by:
Larry & Mary Sue Eck
Bob & Rita Boeke
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