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This room is for general discussion that doesn't specifically fit into one of the other CatholicMatch rooms. Topics should not be overly serious as this is to be more of a "cafe setting."

Saint Peter's Square was created so that more people could be in the presence of the Pope and was named after Saint Peter, one of Jesus's apostles.
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03/30/2013 new

"Her children were not obnoxious."

03/30/2013 new

(Quote) Elizabeth-726465 said: "She Tried"
(Quote) Elizabeth-726465 said:

"She Tried"


Hi Elizabeth! I was thinking the same thing!! Although, mine would say...

"She really, really, really tried..."

I've made alot of mistakes!! I need the emphasis on the reallys! boggled Chelle

03/30/2013 new

(Quote) Shara-929649 said: Now that is funny.
(Quote) Shara-929649 said:

Now that is funny.


How about, instead...

"Ain't nobody got time for this!!" laughing laughing laughing

03/30/2013 new
"Finally...she slowed down." laughing laughing
03/31/2013 new

I want to use the (supposed) last words of Mr. Eko on "Lost": "You're next."

03/31/2013 new

She lived, laughed, loved and had Faith in Jesus.

04/01/2013 new


YOU might not be talking about pizza, but...

04/01/2013 new

Shoot in the head. Destory the brain. Don't get bit.

04/01/2013 new

I'd steal Buffy's epitaph from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"She saved the world. A lot."

04/01/2013 new

"What the heck am I doing here?"

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