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This room is for discussion related to learning about the faith (Catechetics), defense of the Faith (Apologetics), the Liturgy and canon law, motivated by a desire to grow closer to Christ or to bring someone else closer.

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Apr 4th 2013 new

I just wanted to say thanks to the people who are in their 20's and 30's who are here supporting the faith that Jesus Christ founded. It does my heart good seeing that there are people in the next generation who understand what Jesus did/said and are willing to struggle to live it out in their daily lives.

Thanks and God Bless,


Apr 4th 2013 new

(Quote) David-364112 said: Let it go and work on personal holiness instead of making yourself and others both m...
(Quote) David-364112 said:

Let it go and work on personal holiness instead of making yourself and others both miserable and abjectly discouraged. WHOSE work do you think you're doing when you post these disparaging threads and comments? God's???

Drop it. Ignore it. Use your time and devote your will to falling in love with God. The rest wilol take care of itself. Dispair over the servants will prevent you from getting closer to the master. For the love of God focus on what's good!!


That is a good saying Dave. I will put it in my memory bank. God Bless, Will

Apr 5th 2013 new

To some extent I can understand the author's sentiment. Compared to many Protestant churches I've attended, Catholic parishes often feel less homey. Sometimes the music is poor and the homily is rambling and no one says a word to me other than during the sign of peace. If it's an emotional experience that I seek, then my experience has taught me that I can find this easily at a Protestant church. The worship music and inflection of the pastor's voice are often timed perfectly so as to maximize my emotional high. As a woman who sees the world through her emotions, I've often been truly tempted by the emotional comfort provided by such churches. (Full disclosure: I paradoxically also find them to be silly because many that I've attended look exactly like this: )

BUT within the Catholic Church I've discovered a family in the Christians who've come before me. The Catholic Church is home, whether it feels like it or not, because Christ made Her that way. She preserved early Christianity from heresies gallore and continues to proclaim orthodox Christian doctrine to this day. She scoffs at relativism and has the audacity to assert that the Lord of all, the very essence of being, can truly be made present in ordinary bread and wine. In a world that waxes philisophical and searches for more and more complex answers to explain our experience (Absurdism, Richard Rorty, Solipsism etc.) the Church claims that the simplest answer (and the one most in line with our human experiences and inclinations) is the correct one: Realism. And because we can determine what something is, we can also determine the purpose of said thing. Or to put it another way, we can derive an "ought" from an "is."

My experience as a Catholic has taught me that my feelings about reality don't change reality, and therefore I've learned to seek what is true rather than what feels true. CS Lewis articulated this well when he said, "If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.”

Apr 5th 2013 new

And I don't want soft soap. I want Heaven.

Apr 6th 2013 new

(Quote) Christine-894237 said: And I don't want soft soap. I want Heaven.
(Quote) Christine-894237 said:

And I don't want soft soap. I want Heaven.



I want pepperoni pizza, which is a lot like heavan...

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