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I came across this article today and thought I would share it

I basically says that we don't need guns and stockpiles of canned goods to survive the coming years but rather we as Catholics need to go out and find our vocations whether it is marriage or the religious life. It lists four other items that we can do but I will let you read and find out what those are.

Apr 6th 2013 new

Just like it used to be.

Apr 7th 2013 new

Yip, numbers game.

Even a full scale global nuclear war won't skittle us all. Estimates range of at most a death rate of 2 billion from the blasts and first few years post the blasts - from existing medical conditions, illness, starvation, radiation effects.

Basically our numbers are such currently that we'll only really go extinct if there's like a dinosaur killer style rock that ploughs the surface... and even then its not fully guarenteed.

So when humans are climbing out of their basements, who do you think's going to inherit the earth, the survivng atheist family and their one kid, or the Catholic family and their ten kids?

Canned food and guns are a good idea though...

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