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Apr 13th 2013 new

(Quote) Ria-570234 said: Perhaps not the proper forum (prayer room) for this that was published this morning, but certainly ...
(Quote) Ria-570234 said:

Perhaps not the proper forum (prayer room) for this that was published this morning, but certainly timely and appropriate to the OP's circumstances:

Read/watch to see what harmful effect gun control has had in Australia, and do give it careful and prayerful consideration next time you go to the polls.

Regarding this article. please read the following statistical data from Australia

Apr 13th 2013 new

Praying for you Richard. God send his angels to protect you. rosary Praying

Apr 13th 2013 new

Prayers for your safety, Richard. Praying

I have not had a chance to read through all the posts, but steel doors and deadbolts are the easiest/cheapest/safest deterrent to the average house burglar. Burglars look for weak spots on a house (flimsy doors, open windows, no alarm systems) so don't give them any. The steel doors with long decorative windows are not the best, there are others with decorative mouldings but no windows that are better.

Apr 13th 2013 new

Praying I'm sorry. It makes me grateful that the only intruders I have had are the four possums that have invaded my garage this week.

Apr 16th 2013 new

If anybody has any leftover prayers out there, can u send a quick one my way? ... Tomorrow it'll be a week since this guy broke in my house and I'm still having problems with not being able to feel relaxed in my own home ... Don't mean to cry or whne, but just can't feel OK anymore ...

Thank you for all your previous support and good wishes ...

Apr 16th 2013 new


Apr 17th 2013 new

Prayers on the way!! I'm so sorry this happened to you. May God bring you peace! and the Blessed Mother surround you with her mantle of protection!

Apr 17th 2013 new

Has anything been revealed/resolved about this problem, Richard?

Apr 17th 2013 new
Praying and hoping for your safety. May St. Michael protect and keep you from harm.
Apr 17th 2013 new

I lived in an apartment complex awhile back. It could be comforting to hear people close by as long as they don't make too much noise. One balmy night, I remember hearing people outside carrying on in the late night. They were not real close but were on the apartment grounds and rattled my nerves. I ended up moving for other reasons as well.

Consider getting a house scapular.

Maybe have a lot of religious pictures, statues and books in the house. Maybe a crucifix in the bedrooms and living room. Sometimes playing soft music helps to calm the nerves--such as religious hymns. Maybe saying the rosary at night will help you to relax enough to sleep.

Aside from making sure all windows and doors are locked, maybe you could leave the light on in some rooms during the night and change which rooms are lit each night. If I am home alone and nervous about it, I sometimes prefer to have lights out since I think if someone is outside driving around with no place in particular to go, they might be attracted to a house which has a light on with someone awake, as they might think we have something in common--that we are both awake in the middle of the night.

Do your neighbors have grills on their lower level windows? If so, maybe you need the same.

Do your neighbors have posts in their yard or stickers in their windows indicating they have security systems. If so, maybe you need the same.

Maybe get friendly with your neighbors so that you do not feel too alone.

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