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Hello everyone, just wanted to see what all your interests lie on this topic? I'm the type of person who can be piqued by any film that holds my interest, and has a semblance of plot, and that has a great cast of actors. I can be satisfied with a heart warming film, or an action pack one. From the romantic to the thrillers ones I can be consumed by them if they rouse my curiosity. Anyways, what are you thoughts on this thread, I like to hear it.

Apr 13th 2013 new

I'm cheap so its only Redbox with a coupon code. two cents

Apr 14th 2013 new

Several years ago I attended a monthly movie night at a local church. The movies were chosen by and the discussion led by a man who had been teaching a class in Spirituality & Film. I was introduced to so many fine films--many of which never had widespread play in the theaters. The ones I most remember are Evelyn, Whale Rider, Rabbit Proof Fence. They were gripping tales, 2 of them based on true incidents.

What I most appreciated about this experience were the discussions after we viewed the films. Sometimes he gave us an introduction so that we might look for something specific in the film. It was interesting to hear the observations of the viewers. The leader told us to try to view a film more than once because we would pick up something that we hadn't seen the first time around.

I appreciate a good story whether it be told dramatically, in comedy form, or as a musical. I don't especially like political thrillers, horror or anything that is grisly. If there is a lot of foul language, that makes me very uncomfortable.

Apr 14th 2013 new

TCM movies.

Apr 17th 2013 new

Started watching Korean movies about 6 months ago on Netflix, some of them are really good, if you don't mind foreign movies (subtitles). My favorites: 'Once Upon a Time in Korea' about a jewel heist during the Japanese occupation. Hilarious, I laugh every time I watch it. 'The Good, The Bad, The Weird' an Eastern Western. Lots of action and gun play centering around a treasure map that everyone wants. 'The War of the Arrows' is a good historic piece about a brother trying to rescue his sister. I've watched this one several times and still like it. 'Blood Rain' about an investigation on an island off the coast of Korea. This one does get gruesome at times, but there is a Catholic sub-plot that is interesting. It made me think. 'By the Book' is a comedy that I think is brilliant, but it may just be me. I laughed and laughed. It's the subtle type of humor that I like.

Anyway, these have a little bit of everything, comedy, drama, action, some romance. I like the glimpse into another culture. These movies aren't that different from what you might get at the local video store or from another selection on Netflix. If you don't have Netflix, you can look for the titles at other places. Just food for thought. scratchchin

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