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Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations.
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Apr 17th 2013 new

Richard, I had my car stolen from my driveway shortly after my husband passed away 4 years ago. I know it's not the same, but I felt very violated and scared for several months. I will continue to pray for your security and peace. Praying rosary

Apr 17th 2013 new

What part of phila do you live in.Born and raised there love the city cannot live there anymore.Too Insane

Apr 18th 2013 new
Will certainly continue praying for you!
Apr 18th 2013 new

ADT guy supposed to come today, but they tell me it will be a week before system is fully operational .... But, getting there

Sorry to not have responded to all the nice messages ... just running so much with stuff ... Will try to write more later ... I am just so washed out and bedraggled ... No CM would want to come near this now - LOL! ... But trying to renergize and go forward ...

Blessings to you all !!!

Apr 18th 2013 new

Consider an alarm system.

Also if you are not interested in a gun consider pepper spray.

Apr 18th 2013 new

Apparently someone doesn't acknowledge the "city of Brotherly Love!" Can you get a dog? German Shep's are great watchdogs. The guy with the 357 Mag is on the right track and the lady with the sensor sprinklers has a good idea if your intruder is a damn racoon!!

Good luck, my friend and I would check into what the attraction is for breaking in to your home.....

Apr 21st 2013 new

(Quote) Richard-15378 said: Hi Everyone A milion thanks to you all for all your comments and support and suggestions...
(Quote) Richard-15378 said:

Hi Everyone

A milion thanks to you all for all your comments and support and suggestions .. Just a quick update for now .. Stayed at a friend's last nite ... Came back home at 7am today and everything was OK ... It's funny, when these 2 incidents happened, I wasn't scared or anything .. was determined to keep the guy out on the first day ... and get the guy out on the second day ... (BTW, I don't think they are one and the same) ...Anyway, since it's been over I, well, don't know if I'm a wimp or what, but now I feel on edge a lot and don't really want to go back home ... I had the door secured that he broke but still this whole thing has done a number on my head .. In some ways I am very fortunate (God was watching) to have awoken just in time on 2 occasions ... the guy who got in could have easily done me in a variety of ways while I was sleeping (wasn't that a movie?) ... Anyway, I keep seeing this guy in my mind's eye and it is tough for me to get a handle on it mentally .. Ok,we'll see ...

Again, God bless you all for all your kindness ... Thsi is what CM is all about in the best sense!


Richard, Just read your prayer request for the first time. I am so sorry you had to experience this. Thank God you are ok and even your property. I would pray for discernment whether you should move. One of my good friends went through this more than once and she lives in a beautiful neighborhood but her basement windows were tall and on one wall entirely. She's not a practicing Catholic but Catholic and tried to minister to her as a good friend; unfortunately, she had to go on drugs for her anxiety which we all know is not the answer and she also had a carpenter fill in the windows. She's never gotten over it and is a very nervous and suspecting individual and has trouble trusting anyone. You, being a believer in Jesus, will have different results because you are the head and not the tail and what is above and not beneath, but may mean that God wants you out of there or maybe not. Prayers. Thanks for updating us.


Apr 21st 2013 new

im sorry this has happened very scary. st michael here our prayers. try putting a cross over l your doorways. and bless apartment with holy water. praying for the Lords protection in Jesus' name.

Apr 21st 2013 new

My friend lets be thankfull that you are ok. Your life has no price. I had a similar experience, ended getting a dog. Beleive me they will think twice even if you decide to get a small dog, just their bark will let them know that there is someone else in the house. I pray to St. fracis of Asis to watch for my dog as well. My prayers are with you. Beleive they will not come again. You can rest assure.

Apr 21st 2013 new

My ADT system was installed on Thursday, but I am still feeling my way with it ... As anyone who has read my posts knows, I am not too bright so working with gadgets is not my forte .. I wish I could figure ogt how to use this key fob, which I hope allows me to set the system from upstairs, since my keypad is in the basement and I'll never make it up to the second floor before the alarm goes off! Arrgghhhhhhh ...

But yes, plans are to move!

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