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Apr 14th 2013 new

It was a lot of fun, and for those of you that complain "there are too many men/women and we need more women/men" going to an event, there really was a 1:1 male to female ratio.

Despite the fact that the female half of the group was too young for me to pursue any romantic interest, I was literally old enough to be a father to them, it was nice for me to focus on being a platonic friend and just having a fun day.

Y'all missed a good outing.

Apr 23rd 2013 new

(Quote) Bob-879967 said: JoAnn, I had been thinking about starting a Forum discussion for a CM event in Austin, may...
(Quote) Bob-879967 said:

JoAnn, I had been thinking about starting a Forum discussion for a CM event in Austin, maybe a picnic at Zilker park or another park. I live near, but not in Austin, so someone who is a resident would need to reserve a picnic spot (and maybe a volleyball court?) through the city Parks and Rec dept. I would be happy to help in any way, including paying for the picnic spot, deposit, etc.

(These are just ideas, by no means am I trying to take over or be in charge.) Zilker is in South Austin and is the biggest (?) and/or best known of the parks in the Austin area. It would not be a bad drive anywhere from San Antonio up north to Georgetown or even the Temple area. The parking is tough on a weekend, so if anyone knows of another place, please chime in.

I understand that coming from the DFW area, you'd probably want more than just a picnic, so anything else (with or without a picnic) would be great also. I'm open to whatever gets the most interest from people. And, if enough people from DFW want to set up something there, then maybe we could coordinate the two for different weekends so people could go to both if they wanted. You suggested after Easter, which is March 31st, so there are plenty of weekends before the dreaded Texas Summer heat kicks in.

More feedback is requested from interested CMers in Texas (and beyond).



What about Dallas?

Apr 28th 2013 new
(Quote) Keith-965841 said: What about Dallas?
(Quote) Keith-965841 said:

What about Dallas?

It's been quit a few years since we did a Dallas or Fort Worth event. Either would be a great place.
Sep 2nd 2013 new
Hey Folks, just in case you haven't seen it I'm planning a DFW weekend in October centering around the State Fair. I think it's named DFW something or's on the first page of events right now.
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