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Saint Vitus is the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and of entertainers in general.
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Apr 21st 2013 new

The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

Apr 25th 2013 new
Sunday - on Blu-ray - The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Looking forward to December and the middle installment of the trilogy.

Tuesday - also on Blu-ray - Disney/Pixar's Brave. Not the best Pixar film, but entertaining enough. The heroine has a lot of spunk.

Tonight - at the theater - the classic Star Trek: The Next Generation two-part episode The Best of Both Worlds, presented as a feature film. This was a special one night only presentation in select theaters nationwide. There was a short behind-the-scenes documentary before the main feature, and a season 3 blooper reel afterwards. Resistance was indeed futile! we are borg
Apr 29th 2013 new

I Shot Billy The Kid(1950)Story of the outlaw,Billy The Kid(Don Red Barry)and Sheriff Pat Garrett(Robert Lowery)who finally ends Billys outlaw carrer.
Good Western.cowboy duck clap clap clap clap thumbsup thumbsup

Apr 29th 2013 new
Friday night, watched Zero Dark Thirty.
May 2nd 2013 new

You Never Can Tell(1951)A millionaire leaves his German Shephard all his money.Soon the dog is poisoned,but comes back as a human named Rex Shephard(Dick Powell)a private detective.His secratary Goldie Harvey(Joyce Holden)was a former race horse.Rex gets a lead from Ellen(Peggy Dow)his former trainer.
This is a VERY FUNNY MOVIElaughing laughing laughing laughing laughing bulldog thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

May 3rd 2013 new

The Outriders(1950)Missouri.1865.Three confederate soildiers Will(Joel McCrea),Jesse(Barry Sullivan),and Clint(James Whitmore)escape from a Union POW camp.They meet Keeley(Jeff Corey)head of a confederate outfit who tells them a Union gold shipment with a million dollars is being planned to be raided and they want it shipped to Richmond to help the conferacy.
Will,Jesse,and Clint get control of the shipment,but they have problems with indians,traveler Jen Gort(Arlene Dahl)who Jesse and Will fall for,and news of the war ending with Jesse and some of the others wanting to keep the money.
Everything a Western should be and more.clap clap clap clap cowboy CowGirl thumbsup thumbsup

May 7th 2013 new The Underworld Story(1950)After being fired from a bigtime newspaper for printing a story that gets a mobster killed,Mike Reese(Dan Duryea)gets a job in a small town at a small local paper owned by Cathy Harris(Gale Storm).A murder is commited by Clark Stanton(Gar Moore)whos father(Herbert Marshall)is a big newspaper owner.Clark frames maid Molly Rankin(Mary Anderson)Molly wants to clear herself so she goes to Mike and Cathy who are the only ones who will help against the big paper syndicate.

May 8th 2013 new

All This And Heaven Too(1940)1846.Henivette Desportes(Bette Davis)comes to a small town in New England to teach French at a all girls school.The girls have little use for her because of a scandl in France she was rumored to be involved in.Heinivette asks only that she tell her story then judge her.
A few years earlier Heinivette was governess in Paris to the four children of Duc De Prslin(Charles Boyer)involved in a loveless marriage to Duchesse De Praslin(Barbra ONeil)who has little use for the children and constantly torments the Duc.
After meeting Henvette,the children fall in love with her,,soon the Duc does also much to the rage of Duchess.
Great Love Story.

May 11th 2013 new

Loophole(1954)War heo and bank teller Mike Donovan(Barry Sullivan)finds $50.000 missing out of his draw.Laughing it off he goes home to his wife Ruth(Dorothy Malone)and tells her.Alarmed she insists that he return to the bank and report it.Having second thoughts Mike goes back and reports it.The bank thinks Mike stole it and hes fired.
Insurance investigator Guy Slavin(Chrles McGraw)a tough, oily, exdetective hounds Mike and Ruth relentlessly showing them no mercy.Mike thinks back to the day of the robbery and remembers a strange bank examiner had looked in his draw about the time the money was missing.
A Film Noir version of Les Miserables.Great film that keeps you on the edge of your seat.clap clap thumbsup thumbsup

May 11th 2013 new

Saw both of these today clap

1) MUD
with Matthew McConaughey & Reese Witherspoon

with Ryan Gosling & Bradley Cooper

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