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May 4th 2013 new

Hi Kevin,

I am so sorry that you are suffering. I know that severe stomach pain is excruciating. I will keep you in my daily prayers. Keep us posted!

May 4th 2013 new

(Quote) Eileen-890971 said: (Quote) Kevin-40666 said: Kevin, Saying prayers. I John 3:2 God wants you...
(Quote) Eileen-890971 said:
Kevin-40666 said:

Kevin, Saying prayers. I John 3:2 God wants you healed--believe it. Happy Birthday, Eileen.

Will you please pray for me and my sore stomach ?

For over 30 years, I have had some stomach discomfort

that for the most part has been just a low-level nuisance,

but over the past several weeks it has transformed into

some major-league pain. So this coming Tuesday (May 7)

I'm off to see the gastroenterologist, and hopefully soon will get the

problem identified and cured. Thanks very much for your help.

I am sorry to hear of your problem Kevin and you have had stress in your life recently. I will pray for your health.


May 4th 2013 new

(Quote) Jeannie-822585 said: healed! Psalm 103
(Quote) Jeannie-822585 said:

healed! Psalm 103


May 4th 2013 new

rosary theheart Praying scratchchin

I have stomach problems and for me it is acid reflux problem. With the lord leading your medical professional they will findout what is wrong and get you into tip top shape. There is nothing to fear when you are in the lords hands.

As always like the other people that have reply i will pray for you and a speed recovery. THANKS BE TO GOD!!!!!

May 4th 2013 new


May 4th 2013 new

Praying hug Praying Praying theheart Praying

May 4th 2013 new

Prayers offered for you, Kevin theheart rosary

May 4th 2013 new

Kevin, I pray you a solution! On one hand, a beloved friend (from CM) was experiencing a great deal of GI distress, and it seems it may have been a precursor to her ultimate heart failure, and passing (in her case, she knew she had a weak heart, but it seems she didn't recognise the connection). On the other hand, I had many odd symptoms for many years that ultimately led to my ER visit ... with a bowel obstruction caused by a congenital defect - it was quickly and easily relieved by laparoscopic surgury. Take care, and please do get to that GI! God Be With You!

Praying Praying

May 4th 2013 new

Praying Praying Praying

May 4th 2013 new

Praying rosary theheart hug hug hug

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