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Well tickle me pink

May 17th 2013 new
Long story short, I came home from a long day of walking with my friend apartment hunting for some Americans that are moving to Poland this summer to this message:

Hey steph, my buddy wants to know if you're single and/or interested in the dating scene when you get home. I said I had no idea, but I'd check. He has been following your pics from Poland of h4h stuff and thought you were cute.

Let me know and ill either give you his profile do you can check him out, or let him down easy.

I've been working with a charity organization that works through soccer fans to raise money for Wounded Warriors. Everywhere I go, I take pictures with their scarf and post them to the website to make it cooler (it's a soccer scarf thing). Anyways, I have no idea where this is going, but there is a game tonight that he'll be at so my little sister is doing some recon aka finding out his religious status. I'm pretty set on sticking with Catholic men.
May 17th 2013 new
For some reason it didn't include the rest of my post...

I just wanted to remind everyone that we have no idea where a potential date might come from. While I don't know if this guy will pan out (and I'm not really hopeful that it will), it's nice to see how our normal, every day lives might produce something totally unexpected.
May 17th 2013 new
No kidding! How awesome, I hope that turns out well for you. :)

.... you never know who is watching eyepopping wink
May 17th 2013 new
Good luck! Prayers!
May 17th 2013 new
biggrin Entertain the possibilities!
May 18th 2013 new
Hi everybody,
Stephanie thanks for sharing that gives me hope.
I hope it works out for you.
Saludos wave
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