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May 17th 2013 new
Why some women do not respect men's virginity?
May 19th 2013 new
I don't know but I feel you. I'm a virgin and I feel like I have to hide in the corner and that I'm the only virgin left on earth (and I know that isn't true).
May 19th 2013 new
(quote) BethAnne-168224 said: I don't know but I feel you. I'm a virgin and I feel like I have to hide in the corner and that I'm the only virgin left on earth (and I know that isn't true).
Don't hide! Don't any of us virgins hide! Now more than ever we need to be standing up for this. The secular West views us as freaks, even some catholics look down their noses at us, trying to shame us into silence, under the banner of "some people have sinned, therefore you should keep your mouths shut so you don't hurt their feelings or come across as holier-than-thou".

A man's virginity is just as valuable as a woman's. There is so much social pressure on men to confirm to a life of debauchery, women need to support our virgin brothers as much as they need to respect us.

ITs a two way street.

Don't ever be ashamed, don't ever feel the need to hide, ignore the people who seek to silence you and instead stand up taller and speak out louder. It isn't about hurting the feelings of others who have fallen in this regard, it isn't about being holier than thou, its about telling the world that yes there are virgins who choose to be so, there are virgins who are perfectly normal and healthy, and that no, you don't need to be shagging all in sundry to be popular, feel good, or have a good relationship.

Any woman who disrepects the male virgin is not worth your time.

Any man who seeks to deminish the virginity of a woman is an idiot.

Any person who seeks to shame the virgin for their virginity are showing more about their true character than any rebuttal ever could.

May 19th 2013 new
We should be proud to be who we are!
May 19th 2013 new
(quote) Jude-972598 said: Why some women do not respect men's virginity?
How is it you see women do not respect men's virginity?

May 21st 2013 new
I fell the same way. Sometimes, I use to ask my self" what is wrong"
May 21st 2013 new
I believed you.
Jun 1st 2013 new
Hi Jude, I just looked at your profile and I have a few thoughts. You are working and going to school. I commend you for that. I also know that working in health care and attending school exposes you to many people every day. The coworkers, students and instructors that are part of your life are not necessarily Catholic, Christian, pro-life, nor do they know or understand God's plan for marriage, children, etc. You are in the world, trying to live as a Christian. It is difficult. I have other circumstances than you, but I know that I have to pray for my co-workers, and be an example of an authentic Catholic woman consistent with my stage in life. It is not easy. I need to pray, attend mass, spend time in Adoration, listen to some edifying Catholic music, and keep a circle of Catholic friends for support. That way I am able to live in the world and still be detached from it. It's a life long journey!
Jun 1st 2013 new
Why? Hmmm.
- Because they are stupid and have bought into the lies of the sexual revolution.
- Because they have no personality or self esteem and think sex is the key to holding onto a relationship.
- Because they don't look at a man as a human being to love, but as a means to an end. (Can you say "user"?)

Hang in there, folks. It is very sad to hold onto a special gift for that one special person...and to find that he/she has wasted it on someone else. Both of you deserve better.
Jun 29th 2013 new
(quote) Jude-972598 said: Why some women do not respect men's virginity?
I see where your coming from; it's all part of the objectification culture that we live in. The Church's teaching is CRYSTAL CLEAR with regard to the Holiness of Virginity. You can read the encyclical of Pius XII by following this link:

There are many deceivers out there, while calling themselves Catholic, contradict the Church's teaching.

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