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May 21st 2013 new
I'll mention that in My Topics, none of the thread listings show the total number of posts currently for that thread. This was very handy in the prior version of CM, and I hope you are able to add that back in soon.
May 21st 2013 new
My problem is that I cannot click on "all topics replied to" or "all topics read" in the forums & cannot get the full listing. I am very frustrated that I cannot access a topic that I was tracking.

I also don't like that the majority of the emoticons are gone. I will agree that there were some that seems unnecessary, but the selection that's left is just too limited.
May 23rd 2013 new
Hello.I cannot access the symbols on the forums.I see the others are using it.Only the initial emotes are coming up,

May 23rd 2013 new
"My problem is that I cannot click on "all topics replied to" or "all topics read" in the forums & cannot get the full listing. I am very frustrated that I cannot access a topic that I was tracking.", by Carol

This is my problem, too, for the same reason.
May 23rd 2013 new
Are we gonna get more emoticons? I liked the emoticons we had before. wide eyed
May 23rd 2013 new
I am having some of the same issues ... can't see/use all emoticons as before ... replied to topics are not all visible and I can't expand the list.

Also, building on my earlier comment that was reposted into this thread for Forum Issues ONLY, there is a great deal that is visible and accessible to someone who has not signed in. That is very different from before (not sure if this is a glitch or something you are trying out). I can reply to topics in the stream without being signed in. I can see photos of forum posters without being signed in (used to only see the male/female icon with the person's name, age and town). If I can do all of that, what is the point of paying for a membership?

Also, an open access forum may not be the best idea if you are trying to maintain this as a Catholic site ... all you have to do is look at some of the offensive stuff that gets posted in Youtube comments ... If you are looking to provide potential members with a sense of what this site is about, that's all fine and good, but membership has to have a point, otherwise people won't pay and won't sign up. Paying members may also have some privacy concerns with so much being available to non-members.

May 23rd 2013 new
How do I perminanetly (or until I choose to change) set my preferences for what shows up under "Album Photos" on my home page (such as age, distance etc), so that I don't have to set them every time I log on?
May 23rd 2013 new
This may already have been addressed, but I don't see it. Has the "responses to your posts" feature been
eliminated, or perhaps relocate and/or renamed ?
May 23rd 2013 new
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May 23rd 2013 new
(quote) Mary-486033 said: Women have expressed these privacy/safety concerns. I share these concerns. I know female members who did not renew due to the progressive changes which enable the internet public to have access to the forums, OP's profile photo, and profile photos identified by city/state simply by googling. I've contemplated the same.
Were you signed out of CM at the time you did the Google search and saw the private results? The last time I checked this (about 6 months ago), only CM members who were signed in at the time would see personal information such as profile photos in the Google search results.

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