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Saint Thomas More was martyred during the Protestant Reformation for standing firm in the Faith and not recognizing the King of England as the Supreme Head of the Church.
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Why is it that so many of us with big families don't get to see eachother except for when there is a funeral to attend? i just had a family member's funeral to attend and for the first time in the last few years was able to see family members who haven't kept touch. The same thing happens with the other side of the family as well, so i'm thinking it may be a normal habit of American culture in present-day culture? How is it that work has enveloped our lives to the extent that family is coming last?
May 23rd 2013 new
Well, I was thinking, Marie, that at least courtesy and respect trump the hectic lives we lead,
when it comes to someone's funeral.

But you are right, even if you don't see a person for years, if they die, one feels compelled to
pay their respects.

So, I don't really know the answer to your question, but I tried.
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