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COUNTDOWN -6 More Days...

May 24th 2013 new
With a touch of sadness, I am bidding farewell to CM, effective May 30th. I will not be renewing.

During my time here, I have met, dated several fine CM women, and befriended many others. It doesn't get much better than that, except to say I've met a local woman and our relationship has been progressing well -- to the point I'm ready to leave CM as far as the "seeking" aspect is concerned.

What I will miss is participating in the forums -- my favorite CM activity (besides the dating part). We've had fun, along with trying to comfort those who needed comfort, and trying to support those who needed it. During a couple of local gatherings, I was able to meet others in person. Unfortunately, timing prevented me from attending others.

I wish I could say "Adios" personally to each of you who have made my stay here ever so pleasant, but time constraints make that impractical.

Also, some volunteer work has taken on a new direction, and new projects are being started. That will be time consuming, but I'm looking forward to those opportunities.

There's a backlog of messages to answer, along with messages to those who viewed my profile. I'm hoping to respond to all of them, time permitting. My apologies if this doesn't get finished.

To those who are seeking, look for the opportunities that are before you. Reading profiles is fine, but people are so much more than that. If there's even a little spark -- go for it. That's what you came here for. No need to be afraid of dating and it doesn't have to be an elaborate production. Simple basics are all that is needed to start with.

To the men -- treat the ladies with the courtesy and respect they deserve. To the ladies -- please excuse the anxiety attacks that many of the guys suffer before going out with you, and try to look for their real "selves".

For those who are having difficulty connecting with someone, use the time wisely. The needs of any community are great; there is always room for more volunteers.

I will keep all of you in my prayers -- that you remain healthy and find what you are truly seeking.

I will treasure the memories of the CM experience and the great people I've come across along the way. But for now, it's time to bid thee farewell...... wave wave hug hug hug

May 24th 2013 new
Wow, great post Ray! Thanks for the advice :)

May your new relationship keep on bloomin' and may God shower His blessings upon all of your endeavors!
May 24th 2013 new
Happy trails to you sir! You have made a positive contribution to many people.
May 24th 2013 new
If we peeps all clustered, not in a yellow submarine but in the similarly hued sundrenched hamlet of Catholicmatchville in an alternate universe somewhere, 'Fine Fellow Fleeing!' might be the headline blaring at our bleary eyes at cockcrow in the Daily Match, our local journal of record. For Our Ray is about to wrap his memories in a red and white polka dotted bandanna, tie the bundle to the end of a stick and, like Doc and Sneezy et al, 'hie ho hie ho it's off to work I go', except that it's off to love across hill and dale (oh, ok, and to some new voluntary work as well) to which he's going, whistle whistle whistling while he walks.And may the Good Force be with him, and all his fond hopes be realised.
May 24th 2013 new
Ray your wisdom and experience will be missed here. Sounds like you have a lot of exciting adventures ahead of you and i wish you the best in all of them. Take care and God bless.
May 24th 2013 new
Dear Ray,

While I am very happy for you, for all the new doors opening in your life, I am very sad for us. I will miss you, but wish you only the best. Lauren
May 24th 2013 new
Bummer! (For us, I mean.) Dude, you've blown the rest of my month. surprised

Wishing you and your lady all the best! thumbsup
May 24th 2013 new
Oh Dear!! The weepin' and wailin' that will be going on in Pinky Rooms all over the world! For whatever reason, I have no emotes (NATHAN!!) with which to embellish my farewell address to someone who has become a dear friend over the years here. So Ray, you'll have to make do with imaginary cookies, thrown tomatoes, 'stuck-out tongues, raspberries, mulemuffins, and all the other endearments that I've tossed your way for so long. May God bless your huge heart and those broad shoulders that have been a source of comfort and support to so many here,and may He continue to provide you with all of the wonderful wisdom that you've shared with us all. Will keep you in prayers forever and ever...Amen {{{Hugs}}} & Praying ~ Ria
May 24th 2013 new
We will miss you . . . blessings as you take this new direction!

May 24th 2013 new
Ray, it seems you're leaving for the best reason - you found someone. Godspeed to you sir.wave
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