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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Please give this some thought. I think most women here want to meet a man in person and want to gat far past looking at the profiles and photos. Has anyone noted that someone is
May 26th 2013 new
that someone is more involved with and attached to and interested in your photos than in you? Please share your thoughts on this issue. I think it gets boring to be kind of a phantom behind the photo and I am about to lodge a complaint to persons who do this about this type of focus. I have been asked for more photos, told they will miss them if we go to regular email ect. I suppose there is something great rolling eyes to be flattered about in that- NOT! I think we are made for human contact not for photo sharing. I don't feel flattered by finding out that someone would rather fantasize than get to know a real human being.
May 26th 2013 new
I don't think anyone ever fell in love with my photos, at least not enough to ask for more! I can't see myself ever doing that myself; that would be the mark of superficiality. I think if I wanted to see more of a lady, I would ask for a date, not more photos. This is a very good question, though, as I think Internet-based activity has a danger of becoming all-virtual, all the time. For me, Internet is a tool to foster in-person relationships, not an end in itself (though I don't reject out of hand the concept of a pen-pal; it could blossom).
May 26th 2013 new
Thank you Andrew. I think what I have shared will give someone some insight into something very frustrating at least for the ladies. I don't want to stay behind a screen. What for? Thanks for sharing Andrew and for sharing your true feelings about this. I hope that this will help someone...
May 26th 2013 new
Oh my goodness Marian. You have many great photos of yourself in your profile. How many more do they want?
May 26th 2013 new
Well, I did ask once, but it was because she only had about four and was from another country. I believe that I asked in good taste, but I agree I would not do so normally as it seems to create an apparent disinterest in the actual person.
May 26th 2013 new
When I first joined CM, I did not have photos. I had a thoughtfully-written profile, a quiz and a personality test completed. I wanted someone to like the real me, my personality, and not what I looked like. I want to be married. As a Catholic, I believe that marriage is something sacred and unless there are some serious mitigating circumstances, it should be for life.

Over my lifetime, my appearance will change. My basic personality will not. I may learn a few new things and gain some perspective before everything is all said and done, but I will not all of the sudden start liking rap music or hate going to the library or whatever. My personality will be enduring. I wanted a gentleman to get to know the real me online before seeing me.

What did that get me on this site? "Men are visual". Really?? On a Catholic site, it doesnt matter what I say or how I behave, or what I believe, just show us what you look like so that you can be judged based upon appearances. Or no photos mean you must be hiding something ... like gross obesity or a really ugly face. Thanks. Youre a perfect specimen of a GQ cover model male yourself. rolling eyes

I have resigned myself to having a few photos up so that folks have a sense of who they are talking to, but I would rather have a gentleman hear what I am saying than just look at me while I am saying something.

May 26th 2013 new
I did not ask how many more. I did not oblige. I did not like being asked as we already skyped and I thought there was no need for it-- You can imagine why i thought it was unnecessary. I also wondered what on earth he was looking for.
May 26th 2013 new
Ironically, I have found that many women also seem to be more interested in the photos. That's why I have stopped posting pictures of myself; I'll get comments to the likes of "Hey! Great picture!"m and then poof. I have a feeling that there is a significant population, which is not really interested in actually pursuing a relationship. Another thing I noticed, is how many pictures people post of themselves; I spend my time photographing other things: missions, wildlife, rollercoasters, mountains, or anything that reflects my interests. Not many people post pictures relating to a hobby they have.
May 26th 2013 new
Angela, I think I have gone through the same process. I have been emoted by people who have never read my profile. I have corresponded with those who don't seem to read profiles and yet for many or some, my photos are not good enough. I trust that this topic I have raised will raise various interesting and hopefully helpful comments and responses. I am glad for the opportunity to at least raise this concern. Imagine meeting a guy for the first time and him asking to see more of your leg or something....
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