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A place to learn, mingle, and share

This room is for discussion about CatholicMatch events or to plan a get-together or meet-up for offline activities such a dinners, ball games, concerts etc.

Saint Raphael is the patron saint of travelers.
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May 27th 2013 new
Got nuttin' on Phx for that, Janet! wink
May 27th 2013 new
(quote) Janet-62904 said: Thank you everyone for your feedback... I am taking it all in! Keep posting, while I figure out the hotels... there are so many options for fun events... just remember that if we leave the coast, it quickly becomes 10-15 degrees warmer...
Hi Janet! I believe the Mexican restaurant you're thinking of in SJC is El Adobe. Chelle
May 27th 2013 new
(quote) Lina-796057 said: Got nuttin' on Phx for that, Janet!
That is right!! Except for Death Valley area, Phoenix beats the heat anywhere in California!
May 29th 2013 new
Kate from Irvine is helping me scope out some potential hotels so we should be getting closer very soon to figuring out the date... get ready for some fun everyone!

Thanks Kate!!!

Jun 1st 2013 new
OK.... I'll be brave.... *yikes*

I play guitar & sometimes lead our contemporary music ministry at our parish. I also cut my guitar teeth while singing folksongs around campfires. But I am that double intovert ya know... phlegmatic / melancholic to the core... wide eyed eyepopping faint

But for you wonderful CMers.... I'll give it my best shot if ya promise to not notice any blue notes and sing VERY loudly ... lovestruck!.... Just let me know what kind of songs you thing everybody would like.... rose
Jun 2nd 2013 new
goldstar: You go girl!!!!!

Debbie, I really hope your trip to CA coincides with the Orange County weekend. Even if we can't do the beach bonfire, maybe you can entertain us by the pool at the hotel or something. We'll have to talk Yukon John into joining us so he can lead the chours.

It's getting hot here real fast, supposed to be 109 eyepopping tomorrow. Hey John, I'm playing golf tommorrow at 3 PM, want to join me? Really smart huh? 109 and I'm playing golf at the very hottest part of the day. That's what happens when you've lived in the desert for 30 years and your brain is dried out. I'm getting excited about coming over to feel the ocean breeze. Janet, please hurry!!!! Thank you for putting the gathering together. If there's anything you can think of that I could do to help you out, please let me know.

Jun 2nd 2013 new
Wow! Golf at 109 degrees, Way too much for me.

I'm in Wisconsin at the CM together this weekend, Ran into some very wet weather on journey here. California does sound enticing but then again, there is a distance factor(perhaps 2014 might be better for me),
Jun 2nd 2013 new
I hope that we can get some more local men and woman as well as some from out of state. Please send out emails so we can get others interested. I have just sent out a few to some men. I will send some out to some ladies tomorrow.
Jun 2nd 2013 new
Hello All,

Here is a quick update... we have found some hotels that are semi reasonable (the summer is HIGH SEASON)... so I want to get your feedback... if we did say a hotel in Irvine, we may get a reasonable rate. If anyone extends their stay beyond the weekend (Friday arrival, Sunday checkout), in the High season, many hotels jack their rates up for the other nights (as we are close to John Wayne airport and there are a lot of business travelers)...

So, please give me feedback... would you rather do this the weekend of August 10th, or 24th? I have a family conflict the weekend of the 18th... or would you rather push it to September or October, where we will find better rates?

Feedback, please...

Also, Debbie, thanks for stepping up for the music around the bonfire... if we have Dan and Yukon John, everyone else will join in! No need for you to pack a guitar, I can borrow my sons guitar, or I have a Ukulele... that I've wanted to learn to play but have not yet...

So... for a loose agenda... how about these ideas...

Friday... Beach Party... we will set up early (and have some umbrellas to avoid constant sun)... and have dinner on the beach around the bonfire... The beaches close at 10... so it will not be too late of a night for any people from different time zones...

Saturday... For the early risers (no pressure for those that want to sleep in)... and not too early...
Beach walk at Crystal Cove (one of my favorite places on the planet)...
Lunch at either the Crystal Cove shopping center (there are several options and outside tables) OR
Lunch at Wilma's on Balboa Island... take the ferry to the peninsula and mosey around the Fun Zone... take a trip to the Wedge (you can't come to Newport and not see The Wedge)

If in Newport... In the afternoon, either kayaking or an outrigger canoe ride (no one should worry about flipping it, as NAC will rig it so it cannot flip)... and BBQ at my house, or we can go to a restaurant... there are too many to mention...

If everyone would rather go to Laguna... ( the next beach town south):
We can mosey around the art galleries, and in the evening, get tickets to the Pageant of the Masters (we can also do this if the day is spent in Newport)... it is kind of a once in a lifetime thing if you have never seen it before...

Lots of options... Groupon always has boat rides, whale watches, etc... the list is endless...


Mass and brunch somewhere... I am leaving this open at this point until I speak with Sr. Barbra about the possibility of a mini retreat (2 hours) and mass following...

After brunch, we could either go to the Mission in San Juan OR tour the new grounds of the Christ Cathedral in Orange.

If you come in early, or leave late... we can fit in other things like the amusement parks... the list of things to do is endless... but you have to put a stake in the ground and start somewhere..


More to follow once I hear from you... PLEASE MESSAGE ME if you are planning on attending...

Thanks, and Debbie... as long as you know how to play, 'Oh my darling, Clementine', I think we are in good shape... John/Dan... please let us know what other songs you know... LOL...

Can hardly wait...


Jun 2nd 2013 new
(quote) John-34848 said: Wow! Golf at 109 degrees, Way too much for me.

I'm in Wisconsin at the CM together this weekend, Ran into some very wet weather on journey here. California does sound enticing but then again, there is a distance factor(perhaps 2014 might be better for me),

I have to believe that if you can drive to Wisconsin, the drive to California should be easy... and let me tell you... there is lots of golf! I can even try to organize a foursome for you...

Have a great time at CM Wisconsin... wishing I was there as my Grandfather was from La Crosse, and I'd love to make a trip there someday...

Safe travels!


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