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Vive la France!

May 28th 2013 new
We Americans are so cowed by the left, so intimidated by political correctness, that we meekly stand by as our national moral compass is crushed underfoot. I'm not suggesting we riot in the streets here in the US, but it appears the French have a bit more backbone than we do in opposing gay marriage:
May 28th 2013 new
Peter: I was not able to access your post, but it seems France has also tried to
keep deep seeded Muslim values like the headscarves out of the mainstream. I do
commend them for that.

Religious freedom can be taken too far and I think the gay marriage concept falls into
that category somehow.

Viva la France.

May 28th 2013 new
I couldn't open your link either. but found this....
May 28th 2013 new
Joseph started a thread about France and their backbone
May 28th 2013 new
Thanks for that NY Times article. I was able to open it.
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