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How to get responses?

May 16th 2013 new
It seems that no matter how many people you message, it seems very rare to get a response. Am I doing something wrong?
May 16th 2013 new
What a relief to hear that I am not the only person on CM not receiving responses to messages sent. I am also wondering what it is that I am doing wrong. Can't wait to hear others opinions!!!
May 16th 2013 new
Matthew,, first let me say Welcome to the CM forums and thank you for reaching out to ask a question.
In regards to your Question, like in real life, most people are busy, have preferences, and are somewhat still new in getting into the world of Internet matchmaking. This Topic has been discussed before in the Forums and some of the take-aways are;
Make your message or Emo personalized, be friendly in your approach, have more than 1-2 pics in your profile, try and fill it out as much as possible, and then get involved in the Forums and get to know more of the 'active' users.
Hope this helps. biggrin Praying

May 29th 2013 new
Well I can understand but I almost get the impression there are many on here that aren't really too serious. I am to the point already that I ask, why take the time if I never get responses? It's very discouraging.
May 29th 2013 new
Hi Matthew--I'm sorry you are feeling frustrated, I think we all go through it. I viewed your profile & I think it is a nice one. Just keep the prayers up & put it all in God's hands. biggrin
May 29th 2013 new
Not everyone is going to respond. It's like walking down the street. You smile at someone, maybe they will smile back, maybe they will keep looking at the ground. Maybe they will even say hi. You just never know.

I will always respond (at least try) if someone sends me a message. An emote without a comment, not so much.
May 29th 2013 new
Hello, from Greenwood!

Honestly, I can't answer that one. I have the same issue. I try to have the mindset that if someone doesn't respond, it is their loss. It can be frustrating, but the right person will come along and respond. So don't give up. If you figure out the trick to getting responses, post it in the forums. I am sure others would appreciate it!
May 30th 2013 new
I definitely wouldn't expect a response from everyone. However if I take the time to send a message, I guess I expect something back. Oh well. It all is definitely in God's hands anyway.
May 30th 2013 new
Hello back from Greenwood!

I will definitely share if I figure it put. I figured I wasn't the only one to be frustrated by this.
May 30th 2013 new
Out not put on that last post....
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