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May 30th 2013 new
I survived public school, but if I ever have children, they will be homeschooled. I sort of homeschooled myself, anyway. I was the guy who would read the second half of the textbooks during study hall and between classes because he knew the teachers would never get past the first half of the book-- they were trying to hide all that valuable knowledge from me!
Jul 28th 2013 new
You might be a homeschooler if you took your vacations in June and September.
I, and all of my siblings, were homeschooled. I also knew many others from our area that were as well. I honestly think that being homeschooled was one of the greatest blessings we had. We were free to grow into ourselves without the pressure of modern society. I've had people ask me about socialization, and basically accuse me of having failed some sort of initiation because of my schooling. This is both ridiculous and rude. I have many friends from when I was young that I still count as my best friends. I was involved in many different activities and I kept busy. As for the whole initiation... well if it means that I wasn't exposed to drugs,sex,alcohol and the like at an age where I wasn't mature enough to know better, then so be it. (No offence to those who were not homeschooled. I also have some amazing friends who attended a school and I know that not everyone who goes to school comes out a delinquent.)
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