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Hello everyone biggrin

I'm having fun reading all of the Meyers-Briggs personality types and see which types I like best in women. If you know about the 16 types I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.

As for me, my type is INTJ and I'm fascinated by all types but my favorites are INFJ, INFP, and ESFP.

I like INFJs because they're so intriguing and the type itself is rare in and of itself. INFJs are so mysterious and enigmatic and when I gaze into those deep, peplexing eyes I usually see deep love but also deep sadness sometimes. The mystery is half the fun because I, being and INTJ love solving puzzles :) They also feel moved to pick people up when they are fallen which is a wonderful and Christlike!

I like INFPs because they're so innocent and dreamy. Our Mary, our Holy Mother is an INFP so gentle and full of vision for her son. Then Anne of Green Gables is an INFP and she is such an wonderful character I wish was real. She is so funny and full of dreams.

Then I love ESFPs because they are wonderful friendly people who don't take life too seriously and won't be offended easily. With an ESFP I can relax and just be myself. If I'm feeling worried or stressed the ESFP could usually cheer me right up and show me that life isn't all that bad.

So that's my thoughts. I'm eager to hear what everyone else has to say biggrin

Apr 12th 2013 new

That's funny that you posted this, as I just updated my profile to include my personality type.

I'm an INFJ. I've tested as such and also been told so by someone that did most of her collegiate thesis work on the Myers-Briggs personality types. I have never given much credence to those career/personality tests; that is until I read the INFJ description. I literally thought to myself, "Oh, now I get it!" "It" here meaning my own personality, haha. INFJs certainly are an enigma, even to ourselves sometimes.

I haven't given a whole lot of thought to a potential suitor's personality type -- Andy you've inspired me to look it up!

Apr 13th 2013 new

Hi Rebecca, thanks for responing :) Yeah, one website that has really good descripitons is . Here the descriptions are very detailed and there's also information on how each type acts in relationships. There is also a really good personal growth tips section for each type.

Jun 3rd 2013 new
Hey Andy,

I'm an INFP and I find that I'm really attracted to ENFJs. We relate on the NF level but their strong out going characters really compliment my own.
Jun 3rd 2013 new
I am an ENFJ
Jun 3rd 2013 new
I have taken the test recently for fun and my results, just like Rebecca, are INFJ. It really helped me to better understand myself. I would be curious if there would be a similar Meyers-Briggs personality types test mixed with a more spiritual touch, just like the temperament test that exists on this website. I think that would make a fantastic test! I am always a bit confused to know which type would be best for me. I guess that God has his perfect match, whatever personality type or temperament He has in store for me! However, this being said, after further reading on the subject, I liked the ENFP the most because "ENFPs are warm, enthusiastic people, typically very bright and full of potential. They live in the world of possibilities, and can become very passionate and excited about things. Their enthusiasm lends them the ability to inspire and motivate others, more so than we see in other types. They can talk their way in or out of anything. They love life, seeing it as a special gift, and strive to make the most out of it." I like people who are goal oriented, full of spark and life and someone willing to be in charge. This is a great subject Andy-896770!!!
Jun 4th 2013 new
ENTJ here. scratchchin wide eyed But I'm not near as bossy as what some ENTJ's are. I am also an October baby - and although my astrological sign means nothing - I do have a tendency to weigh all sides of things. So, a J is a natural for me. so as long as I just keep my mouth shut .... and don't give my opinion on everything ... I'm fine. tongue

Interesting topic.
Jun 4th 2013 new
Hi Andy,

Yay!! I am so glad you brought this up! I was going to open a discussion about it. I have consistently tested INFJ, but did once also test INFP. My best friend studied and administered the Meyers-Briggs test professionally and is convinced that I totter between the two because, sometimes, like a true INFP I can also put on the show of ESTJ. It used to confuse people that I could be so extroverted and introverted.

After taking the test I realized that part of the INF personality is to read and respond to the cues around them. In relationships I am a true INFJ, accordingly my best match is ENTP or ENFP.

I'd love to see this in more profiles. I am not fully confident in that temperament test on CM.

In Christ,
Jun 5th 2013 new
Actually, Leyden, I think the 4 temperaments and the Myers-Briggs types go hand in hand. Myers-Briggs describes how people's minds work and the temperaments describe people's moods. I heard somewhere that they are actually supposed to line up. So it's important to know how a potential mate thinks and acts as well as typical mood patterns.
Jun 5th 2013 new
I have tested as an ENFP in the past and I think I am sometimes.. more often an INFP.
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