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Jun 4th 2013 new
(quote) Nina-874289 said: Alex, well there are decent Catholic women in the DC area but if they have a child or have been previously married most times are passed up on.
Nina, I'd almost tend to agree, as a divorced father of two. It indeed does feel like women pass me up simply because 1) they want all the income to go to the family we would have, 2) because I'm not a "clean slate".

I'd have to say that the person who makes it through this life without some hard knocks and lessons learned is a rare find, and also that these kinds of women are missing out on guys like me who have learned A LOT about life through our struggles. We would make excellent spouses.

I'd certainly consider a Catholic lady who is divorced, with children, if she meets my other criteria. I don't get the feeling women feel the same about men.

At any rate, don't be discouraged. A real man isn't afraid to take on some level of responsibility for helping raise someone else's child(ren.) Look at St. Joseph, after all.

Jun 4th 2013 new
(quote) Meg-920823 said: Matthew, your profile is very good I think. It is obvious you love your Faith. In light of your above statement, I just wanted to say...great profile.
Thank you
Jun 4th 2013 new
(quote) John-727073 said: Although I see the original poster isn't a member any more, I would suggest she or any woman looking for a guy check out the towns near larger cities or the small towns of America. I grew up in one of the largest cities in America but "fled" to the smaller towns because I found a sense of community in there that is captivating. I know my neighbors, have a wide circle of friends and a good church with a very "hometown" feel. Also, many of my friends and neighbors here are transplants like me.

The one trade-off, and I think I recall someone alluding to this, is that in the smaller towns where people were born together, raised together and schooled together, there also is a wider acceptance but also understandable fact that there are younger marriages (i.e. immediately after college). Someone like myself arriving on the scene after that fact will have some challenges.

If the poster decides to re-subscribe and read these posts, I would recommend she start going to church in some of the places away from the larger cities. Get to know the deacons and choir people who usually know the families in the parish and wouldn't be slighted in the least to meet a new visitor looking to meet someone. Then you'll find out at what time I usher at which Mass, where we like to go out after Mass and make a passel of new friends ... ;)
John, I have gotten some others like that too, asking why I do not have kids and "what is up with that'. Also I do have a nasty habit of smoking, I am working on quitting and cutting back in a way that will be successful. I know it is an unattractive habit, but give me a chance, it isn't like I run around with a cigarette in my mouth constantly, and most people are surprised that I do smoke because they say that I do not trail the smel around like others. One response I got was very lengthy and going on about how much we had in common, but the fact that I smoke is a deal breaker. Well why not talk to me and get to now me? For all she knew I could have been done with that habit within a few months and she could have missed out on something great. But not even giving me the chance to have conversation and getting to know at all, it just seems very harsh.
Jun 4th 2013 new
Not sure.
Jun 7th 2013 new
I heard, and I could be wrong, that all the decent Catholic guys are in Wyoming.

There were only three. One was 97 and died. The other was killed in a car accident. That leaves only one. The remaining decent Catholic single guy is Herbert.
He is 88 years old and eats yogurt ( Greek Yogurt ) everyday. LOL

There are plenty of decent singer Catholic guys. Ask God for His guidance and help in this for you...He WILL help you !! This topic has been automatically locked due to size. Any further discussion can be continued in a new topic.
Jun 8th 2013 new
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