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Jun 15th 2013 new
Despite the fact i feel it is anyone's right to smoke if they like, i can't stand the smell or pollution left behind in the air from most cigarettes or even pipe tobacco now, even if it was just left behind in their vehicle or on their cloths. Also, not that they are humans but as my parrots are extremely sensitive to poisons in the air or on hands or clothing such individuals are not allowed to touch myself or my birds. When i build my next house, i'm pretty serious about not even having gas or wood-burning in it to ensure there is no potential of killing them (or therefore myself) by such means.
Jun 15th 2013 new
(quote) Kenny-949632 said:

Yes..Both Portugal and Argentina are having conferences to discuss the effects of cigarette smoking on ""Globsl Warming ""...pretty intense stuff....
I can't find anything about this and it really doesn't make sense to me since cigarettes generate a tiny amount of CO2 and anyway they are "renewable" ie burning a plant that was just grown, using up CO2 in the process.
Jun 15th 2013 new
If you watch old black and white movies from the 1940s, it's amazing how common smoking was! Everyone was doing it! Maybe even the dogs - ha! I'm glad it isn't as widespread as it once was. My brother used to come home from a night out at his favorite bar. He didn't smoke but others there did. He would hang his coat outside to air it out - it reeked of smoke.

I also grew up with a parent who smoked. My mother. She would smoke at the breakfast table. Ugh. She would give it up for years at a time, but would sometimes go back. I think it was a "calming influence" on her, but it did damage her health. I remember going out with 3 friends once and I was the only nonsmoker in the group. The smoke would get in my face - it was yucky. But, I liked these friends and my mother was a very nice woman.

Some terrific people are smokers. I wish they could kick the bad habit.

Jun 15th 2013 new
Yes, it is a deal breaker for me, unless the person is willing to quit asap. I never smoked, but my father was a smoker. I never liked the smell of it. Luckly my husband was a non-smoker. I prefer a non smoker.......
Jun 15th 2013 new
I will NEVER knowingly date even an "occasional" smoker. I did once date a guy who "occasionally" smoked. Did not realize he smoked at all until weeks after we began dating and I tasted the cigarette on his breath. Turns out he did not light up every day, but only a few times a week. It really was like kissing an ashtray. Definitely not for me.
Jun 15th 2013 new
(quote) Kenny-949632 said: I'm not sure if this has been discussed in the past, but I'm new so I use my newness amnesty on that....And there may be other new members viewing too....

If someone is a smoker does that eliminate them from your potential Sweetheart list ??

I saw one woman's profile and she stated that she was a non smoker and then one
of her profile photos had her with a cigarette in her hand.
Some people say that they smoke only occassionally.....What does that mean ????

I personally would find it very difficult to accept a smoker...
How about you ?????????

BIGGGGG issue for me. Smoke FREE is smoke FREE. It is a NASTY habit.
Jun 15th 2013 new
(quote) Rachel-731570 said: Smokers stink! No way I could ever get close to a smoker. I love clean, fresh air and kisses from someone who doesn't taste like an ashtray.
YES! You can tell when someone just got done smoking. It is a STRONG stinch. Now, add alcohol to it thanks.
Jun 15th 2013 new
(quote) Kenny-949632 said:
I grew up in a home where both my parents smoked and later my older sister too. She was 11 years older than me.

There was smoke in the house all the time..Even worse in the Winter with the windows closed..When I met my wife, she smoked. The first time we actually got together I expressed my unhappiness with cigarette smoke and all it entails and she said,," I am no longer a smoker"..
She never smoked again..When her friends asked her why she no longer smoked, she simply said that she changed her addiction from cigarettes to Kenny...(ME)...

I liked that....
Great topic Kenny. Very informative and entertaining.
Thank's for sharing your personal story very sweet. Smoking is a deal breaker for me too. I dated a gentleman that smoked and he was always very considerate, smelled great, tasted good too. LOL. But at the end of the day because I wasn't smoke friendly and it simply meant we would be in separate places while he smoked etc......or he had headaches from not smoking. I considered it unfair to him, since I knew my having spent a life time without it I wouldn't fit in those social smoking moments in his family. wide eyed So no more smokers, part time or full time.
I pray for those who want to quit and for those who don't I pray they find their perfect match too.
Jun 16th 2013 new
I prefer non-smokers. Smoke just makes me cough and I can't bear the smell
Jun 16th 2013 new
Yes, smoking is a bad habit that I can not tolerate. It is a deal breaker for me.
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