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Jun 19th 2013 new
Naturally. I are a CPA!
Jun 19th 2013 new
Just heard that James Gandolfini passed away. Very sad!
Jun 20th 2013 new
scratchchin How do you spell CPA?
Jun 20th 2013 new
American: see-pee-ay
Canadian: see-pee-eh wink
Jun 23rd 2013 new
Dear Felicity, Very Good.

Yet, I know from my Canadian friends (and in Detroit, we have many - fact is, lots of relatives), that a certified accountant in Canada is a CA, a Chartered Accountant. Chartered by the Order of the Very Boring, is my guess.

Got that one from Monty Python, sorry. Best, Doug.
Jun 23rd 2013 new
It's great seeing all the different perspectives for this subject as I am very curious about it. I recently just joined Catholic Match a month or so ago and I have sent numerous messages to different ladies and I have to say the responses are almost absent. I simply assume they are not interested since there is no response(usually after a week), but do any of you think that there is a possibility that some ladies are just bombarded with messages and emotigrams from men? Therefore they are not timely in responses or they just simply forget?

Jun 24th 2013 new
If I am not interested in a person, after a few days I will send a blank smile, hello, or thank you to them.

If they send another message to me, I will then again send the same blank smile,etc.

I feel I have acknowledged them, and hope they also recognize it.

If a person has been messaging for awhile, and you are getting less interested.

Don't respond as often, don't respond with a lot of joy, and happiness.

It may take a week or two, but most of us will feel much better " to be let down easy" than just being "poofed"!

Thank you to all out there listening!!
Jun 24th 2013 new

Ian that was my question about the gentlemen-I assumed perhaps they too were so inundated with messages and emoticons that they had not the time to reply! scratchchinSo really it is equally a problem for the men and women alike?(lack of response)
Jun 24th 2013 new
I just received a message from a guy I contacted. He told me he was in a relationship. What a nice thing to do after so many that I've sent that I have received no response to.
Jun 24th 2013 new
If I recall correctly, the response was actually very politely worded. Yet, it gets interpreted as hurtful.

It is the same ring-around-the-rosey with either not responding or responding with a polite "good luck in your search" only to be met with rudeness. Sometimes taking rejection with some social grace can be difficult, but this whole thing about a total stranger being obligated to provide you with an explanation as to why they are not courting and marrying you is a bit much for me.

The sad reality is that conversations peter out in real life too without a sense of closure. There are lots of socially awkward moments in real life too. I'm not sure that there is a universally elegant way to get out them, especially when dealing with unpredictable human beings.

Sometimes just saying "excuse me" and walking away from an awkward conversation at a party or other type of social setting is just the only way to indicate lack of interest. Is that person obligated to provide a detailed explanation to the other person about why they are walking
away from the conversation? I hope not. If so, we'd spend our whole lives writing carefully-crafted responses to people we are not interested in speaking to. I'd rather speak to someone I am interested in speaking to. It takes a lot of energy to try to have conversations with people where there is no interest in furthering the conversation. It is equally uncharitable to waste that person's time with my uninterested time.
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