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Is it good or bad?

Jun 27th 2013 new
rosary embarassed I have never been in this situation therefore I ask the COM crowd in general:

Forgetting a girlfriend, wife's birthday is a bad thing. Is it good or bad to forget about their 40th birthday?

Excuse me the first anniversary Of their 39th birthday. Any Suggestions from the women. Any practical advice from the man here? duck :lol;
Jun 27th 2013 new
It is a bad thing to forget a birthday. Even if someone says it is not a big is. Birthdays should be a celebration of life. If the people who love and care about you don't remember your birthday how important would you feel? So what do you do if you forget. Well in my opinion, start with an apology and ask how you can make it up to them.
Jun 28th 2013 new
Clair, are you in the doghouse????? bulldog
Jun 28th 2013 new
(quote) Clair-6292 said:
...Forgetting a girlfriend, wife's birthday is a bad thing. ...

- and may tend to make you wish you were never born. smile
Jun 28th 2013 new
No I'm not in the doghouse. Just tout this might create an interesting thread?

Might also be a reason to start dating someone over 40 . laughing stir the pot! Its getting cold!
Jun 29th 2013 new

What a wonderful question. For what it's worth, I believe that women at 25 and 30 don't want to think about their "age" because they believe that they are getting "older." Turning "40" is a completely different story, I was so happy to turn 40, and 50 was better! When I turned 40 I went to Italy! What a way to celebrate :-)

I like my life and I like myself far more now than I ever have. I find a contentedness, a joy, and a sparkle in my woman friends who are in their 40's. The pains and sorrows of life have refined us, we are far more compassionate, and a lot of "stuff" just doesn't bother us anymore. We appreciate the difference between men and women, and the differences in people's temperments and personalities. We smile more and laugh more.

So no, I would suggest that you never, ever forget a ladies birthday. Tatoo it on your wrist, write it on the wall in the garage, or put an alarm on your phone if you have to. Just don't forget the birthday of the one you love!

Carpe Diem!!!!
Jun 29th 2013 new
(quote) Clair-6292 said:  Forgetting a girlfriend, wife's birthday is a bad thing. Is it good or bad to forget about their 40th birthday?
I enjoy celebrating birthdays because of relationships - the remembrance of special people and their parents who bore them (and of course the CAKE!!!). I will say however, that I had to work a 48 hour shift on my 40th and only about 3 people (not even my parents or my son) remembered on the day!! It was sad. But, there are ways to make up for it like profuse apologies and a fun night out!! laughing Oh, and I don't mind getting older...rather not repeat some of my birthdays...and aging is like a fine wine (or whatever your favorite liquor)- smoother with every year! biggrin
Jun 30th 2013 new
Never forget a birthday. If you do, she will think you don't care, or are embarrassed about the number. just behave as any other birthday, and maybe even step it up a notch if you think shes upset about the age.
Jun 30th 2013 new
Hi April! start early on yours? Happy Birthday! At least the number under the picture says we will get to party wirh you,
Jun 30th 2013 new
Happy Birthday! Any easy way to remember and really make a statement is to celebrate the whole birthday month! In little ways- service, affirm, touch, quality time etc .honoring the special person...and then easier to remember the actual day (for a bigger gesture) as you will be on alert when the month comes around and it gives you some time to extend /make plans etc ?! flower just a thought...I have siblings that often forget each other so we find ourselves thinking outside of the box- this has been one way- to expand the time frame...everybody wins!
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