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Jun 29th 2013 new
Supreme Court did not strike down Proposition 8. It merely ruled that those who sued and brought the case to the Court had no standing to sue.

As I understand it, the case was appealed directly to the Supreme Court from a California lower State Court that invalidated the Proposition. If that is the case, the petitioners still have the right to appeal that lower Cort ruling to a California State Appellate Court to try to overturn the ruiling and if not successful there then to the California Supreme Court.

So, again if that is the case, the whole thing is still up in the air until it works its way up through the Califronia Court system. It could then again go to the US Supreme Court. Maybe by that time, the proponents of Prop. 8 will have figured out who should bring the suit and appeal so they would have standing before the USSC, in which case the Court would have to either outright reject it or hear it and make a final ruling.

I don't hold much hope of success, since the inmates are now in firm control of the asylum.
Jun 29th 2013 new
(quote) Jacqueline-556574 said: Hey, wait a minute! CA will soon be added to the list of the states having gay marriage. Our proposition 8, that we voted in, in only 2008, was struck down by the supreme court on Wednesday. So it is said, that it will be only about 30 days until we will have gay-marriages happening here in CA. No doubt we are a far-left state, but it hasn't always been that way. There are many of us here who did not want this to happen.
Prop 8 wasn't struck down by the supreme court.the supreme court bowed to the judicial will of the state.
There can be another prop in CA opposing gay marriage---and it can be voted in.Then the opponents will have to shop for another judge to overturn it.
Jun 29th 2013 new
(quote) Alex-789274 said: This means that the District Court decision stands; however, the appellate court's decision has no effect on the future and the Supreme Court did not rule on the underlying issue, i.e., does the US constitution require states to permit gay "marriage".

At the district court level, Prop 8 lost on the issues. At the appellate and Supreme levels it lost on procedural issues. Since that district court does not have power outside of California, other states' refusal to twist the definition marriage stands for now.

Agreed. For now, we have a situation of "states' rights." State statues remain as before - if a state has passed a DOMA-like law or constitutional amendment, it still stands. Nor must one state recognize a same-sex marriage legitimized in some other state.

And how much longer will this situation stand? My money says, not long. Soon enough the Supreme Court (read: Justice Anthony Kennedy) will face a plaintiffs' case testing whether a state's sovereign law (or constitutional amendment) will withstand a challenge as to its federal constitutionality. Care to bet on the outcome? Me, I'm depressed already.

Jun 29th 2013 new
I'm not sure I understand,wouldn't the legalization of Pedophilia be breaching human rights for the victims?
How could that ever be approved of?
Jun 29th 2013 new
Is this in reply to a post?

One aspect of gay adoption I have found to be ignored is whether children have a right to be raised by a mother and father.
Jun 29th 2013 new
The current movement to legalize and normalize pedophilia may seem unrealistic to some. I have yet to have someone agree with me when I claim that it will be legal in the next 25-30 years.

Sorry, still learning..yes I was replying to the quote above,meaning the children as victims be it in image or
other ,how could that ever be legalized or normalized if it is a breach of human rights? The same question is asked of the children of Gay marriages having no access to knowing who their real parents are..

Jun 29th 2013 new
(quote) Alex-789274 said: Is this in reply to a post?

One aspect of gay adoption I have found to be ignored is whether children have a right to be raised by a mother and father.
Good point, those children may be suing their homosexual parents in the future which is what the ACLU would like.
I am don't know what vows are taken during a same sex marriage; I guess the couple may not be homosexual and only old friends that might be interested in a tax break from the government.
I don't understand how adults could allow children to be exposed to a couple that was homosexual since that is deviant behavior and not something that they were born to be.
Some people may be more outraged if their male dogs were trying to have sex with each other than they are with people of the same sex.
Jun 30th 2013 new
(quote) Anne-976912 said: I'm not sure I understand,wouldn't the legalization of Pedophilia be breaching human rights for the victims?
How could that ever be approved of?
I've listed below a few points from this article:

This group met to discuss how to focus on the needs of pedophiles, to affirm them, and to de-stigmatize adult-child sex. -

If youve never heard of NAMBLA you can research this deviant group on the Internet. This group openly advocates for sex between adults and children and the removal of all consent laws. (Incidentally, Planned Parenthood advocates for the removal of abortion consent laws).

So deviant are advocates for pedophilia that some, such as Jacob Breslow believe pedophiles shouldnt need to get consent from a child to have sex any more than they would get consent from a shoe to wear it, as quoted by Barber.

If all this isnt disturbing enough the main themes of the meeting make clear the intentions of this group:

  • Pedophiles are unfairly demonized in society.
  • The concept of wrong should not be applied to minor-attracted persons.
  • Children are not inherently unable to consent to sex with an adult.
  • An adults desire to have sex with children is normative.

And if we think parents will have rights to protect their children from what we believe will harm them, keep in mind the government can now give the morning after pill to girls w/out parental consent.
Jun 30th 2013 new
Thanks for filling me in Wendy-I actually feel that salty taste in my mouth like I'm going to vomit..
the pedophillia-child thing is something that belongs to the realm of the worst of nightmares and we do need to be alert and bombard Heaven with prayer and be vigilant with letter writing to parliament,politicians- what ever it takes.
Jul 1st 2013 new
Veering from the original topic but in relation to what Wendy told me, my son informs me that a nursing home
is opening in my hometown for pedophiles- next to an already existing nursing home for normals.
There are a number of convicted pedophiles living in the community( under surveillance ).I feel like relocating as the number increases.
Web sites like the one you mentioned Wendy,would give a sense of power to those people. I don't think I can bare to look at the said website ,my brother can do that for me.
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