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Jun 30th 2013 new
Hi. I liked reading all the input and I am not going into this blindly but I AM going into it with my eyes and heart wide open. I don't go to bars and I don't meet people at work or at Church or in town - and I haven't met people at work all over the world! and all my friends are married. So I am hoping that perhaps this is an "avenue". And maybe HOPE is the operative word here. God does have a plan - for all of us. And it took me years to have the guts to even put a picture of myself on the internet, let alone "talk" to strangers on a web site. Now, put me in a conference room in front of a couple hundred people or on a stage without my script, lines all memorized, and I am fine. But in the dating world...not so good.
So I look at this as an opportunity, a 'perhaps place' in a big country where magic maybe could happen. And I am open to THAT door being opened. With the Angel's assistance. Thanks.
Jun 30th 2013 new
After the first initial roller-coaster introductory month on CM, I am feeling a contentment and am on a nice even plain of not worrying.Now I'm enjoying the ride and soaking up the whole experience,learning as much as I can. smile
This is the first time looking into dating since receiving the Annulment 2 years ago and in one month there has been an amazing amount of highs and lows you don't find in"real life", so there is much adjusting and readjusting with emotions.
As I live a quiet ,rural part of this country, cm seems to be my best bet in finding the right man.
To me there seems to be stages to pass through on internet dating,depending on which way you go at it.
Jun 30th 2013 new
A good friend of mine just married a girl off here actually. He told me he used to send 50-100 emotigrams a night. I've dated 2 lovely ladies off this site now both didn't work out. Since then I haven't met any other women from this site. However back then I was extremely active on here sending 30 or more messages every day or so. Now I maybe send 1 or 2 a day lol. So I think I've figured my answer there. It's a numbers game I think is what it comes down to.
Jun 30th 2013 new
(quote) Trish-977181 said:
What do you think? Do you really think you'll find someone here?

Sure, maybe. (shrugging shoulders) But in the meantime, I am enjoying the friendships that I have made both online and in person at events. And I just love the forums!! thumbsup
Jun 30th 2013 new
I believe that I will find my future husband on Catholic Match.

Gentlemen, I am not currently communicating with anyone. rose
Jun 30th 2013 new
(quote) Kenny-949632 said:

I respectfully disagree....In My only relationship we knew the first day we met that we would marry until death do us part...It was a loving marriage for decades....

For some people years may be the answer,,others weeks or months.....That is why Baskin Robbins has 57 flavors of ice Cream,,,there is no right or wrong answer...

Gotta run now I got an appointment at ""Marrieds R Us""" today they have the new potential Brides on display,,,next week they'll have the new potential Grooms on display,,so get your tickets early ladies...
That's interesting. I disliked my husband for the first two years I knew him.

Jun 30th 2013 new
"... a 'perhaps place'... " Nice, Mary! I really like that perspective! smile
Jun 30th 2013 new
(quote) Jan-805954 said: I think it's just one place I might meet someone. It might be at church, it might be at a volunteer project, it might be the brother of a friend, or it might be at the grocery store. Only God knows the plan for me and I trust Him to put me in the right place at the right time.
It could be at Home Depot or even Staples. A few years ago I went to Home Depot to buy a drill and drill bits, to make some drainage holes in my flower pots. The guy helping me offered to come over and do them for me. I never took him up on the offer but weeks later one Friday at work, some of the women were joking about staying away from Home Depot on the weekend. It seemed to be the place to find men. How true. The same thing happened to me at Staples.

I think that we have to keep trying and get used to and reasonably comfortable with rejection and failing. The more that we get good at this the easier it gets and the more likely that we will eventually meet the one. It's an adventure!
Jun 30th 2013 new
Why did you marry him Marge?
Jun 30th 2013 new
Not really. I figure if it was going to happen it would have by now. I'm just here for the forums mostly. I'm not able or willing to commit to a long distance relationship with someone states away and local guys never make contact so it's kind of self evident what the out come will be.
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