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Jul 2nd 2013 new
This is a profound Christian treatment of this issue:
Jul 2nd 2013 new
I think the biggest problem is actually not acknowledging when things are bad. The serenity prayer, while it maybe redundant to some in this environment (I always feel like I may be preaching to the choir, on religious boards), I think conquers the issue in total.

There is no "kind of thinking" beyond selfishness or ignorance that may particularly be deemed sinful. Because we are made in his image, all of these feelings can hold an honest context, especially considering the Passion and Beatitudes.

I'd be very skeptical of people who encourage rejection of what they consider "bad vibes" without citing a particular sin, and the tools they may or may not have to deal with it.

And when imposing this upon others, it goes completely contrary to the command to love our enemies. The shrugging of "vibes" is something I commonly associate with scapegoating.

The only kinds of thinking that do qualify are particular sins. In this case we're probably referring to dispair, envy;'probably a mixed bag... But that's what the drama's for :0] to sort it out.

That's why he allows the chess game to begin with. It may not always be joyous, but it must always be heroic, insofar as we can manage.

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.
Jul 2nd 2013 new
I love that Anne! "...shrink it by two thirds.."

I've never heard that. I bet it's old-school like "dollars-to-donuts."
Jul 2nd 2013 new
(quote) Marian-83994 said: Weve known for a long time, to quote the Greek philosopher Epictetus, that men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them,'
Marian .. Great Topic. I've been through adversity and know and see how hard it is for so many to persevere and have a positive attitude with all the difficulties Life can throw at us.. but keeping up your Spirit and remaining positive in your Thinking that "this too shall pass" is so critical in moving forward and not getting bogged down with whatever situation you're in.

A really good friend of mine told me that whenever something really gets to her, she steps back and takes some time to consider if whatever it is will really matter in 3-5 years from now. That really helps put things things in perspective sometimes.

There are many good, positive, and motivational phrases out there.. here are a few;
"winners never quit,,and quitters never win"..
"you miss 100% of shots( or opportunities) you don't take"
"everyday you have a chance to be better than the day before"

we just have to make a commitment to not let the "little" things in life become Big obstacles. biggrin Praying theheart
Jul 3rd 2013 new
I wonder how much our level of stress or happiness would be affected if we asked, "What lesson are you wanting me to learn from this, Lord?"
Jul 3rd 2013 new
(quote) Lina-796057 said: I wonder how much our level of stress or happiness would be affected if we asked, "What lesson are you wanting me to learn from this, Lord?"
Yes, agreed scratchchin
Jul 3rd 2013 new
Great topic Marian,
I just read a book titled Understanding, Eliminating Stress and Finding Serenity in Life and Relationships. Your mood is based exactly on how you think.

Your thoughts won't hurt you unless you let them. It's when people get caught up in their own thought system which is a function or an ability and not a reality. Your thinking is yours alone and other's have their own and each one of us sees the world in different ways. Thinking is a function or an ability, not reality.

If you don't like what your thinking, stop thinking about it. Natural thinking increases good mood. When you have to work on it, you become unhappy and usually stems up from our thought processes and all the negativities and egos and judgements, etc., and we have to readjust our software to start thinking differently.

I know, it might not make sense, but it was a good read all the same:)
Jul 3rd 2013 new
Didn't Scarlett O'Hara say something along those lines?
Jul 3rd 2013 new
My reason for bringing up the perspective I did is that, contrary to other forms of religious practices and meditation, I believe that christianity and Catholicism offer an objective means by which to feel all emotion, and that similar arguments have already been made in early counsels of the church, regarding that which is acceptable in the expression of art.

This is in contrast to Epictetus's somewhat deceptive opinion on the matter. We cry as children when we fall down. We laugh loudly in the face of our silent humility; And we turn tables at the rape of our father's house. ... 'Not necessarily because of a fraudulent outlook, but because... we are made in his image :0]

I would ask:

"Why should we quit?"
"Why should we take this shot now?"
"How should I be better today?"

We use military metaphors within the church because there is a war to be fought, a true perspective to be taken, that continues through to judgement day.

Jul 3rd 2013 new
this reminds me of the song Footprints in the sands. Everytime I feel negative I always remind myself that Jesus is helping me carry all my troubles and provide me strengths n grace to face all challenges. The blessed sacrament is the place to talk n be alone with Him.
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