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Do you ever think that it is possible that you'll live your remaining years on Earth and then die without having a Sweetheart to love you as you grow older...??
Many will be blessed to have children present when they die,,,understood...

BUT """ YOU and I """" are on this site,,many for the purpose and dream of POSSIBLY finding a forever Sweetheart...The odds are a zillion to one,,,but how blessed that ONE will be...Let's root for him or her....

So do you think you'll die alone (without a Sweetheart) .???...((((please no attacks or over-analyzing this post,,,it is just a simple question )))))

Me,,,I'm prepared to die alone,,,sort of stuff is in order,,,,but.........I am human too...
Jul 1st 2013 new
Kenny, Human love aside, the ultimate and supreme love of our lives (Our Holy Father) will always be there for us! biggrin
Jul 1st 2013 new
The older I get the more I think about this eventuality :lol But, being the practical person I am I've taken care of most things. However, since I am a convert and the only Catholic in the family, I should make some arrangements for a Catholic funeral mass and burial. It's really weird to think of such things, but I want those things so I think I should probably set everything up and then it's done.
Jul 2nd 2013 new
I hope not but I do not dwell on such a question. My faith tells me that I am never alone and that God loves me unconditionally.
Jul 3rd 2013 new
Kenny, I"m reading this and your other posts, and see you are facing classic spiritual attack. The enemy will tell you all sorts of lies, to intimidate you, to discourage you, to get you thinking that God is not just, that he's not good, and that he has abandoned you. Don't believe in the lies, and you are to reiterate from scripture itself if you ever have those thoughts. God is Just, God is Merciful, God is Loving, God cares, etc. I have a life time of facing that, and now I delight in pulling people from the pit, even especially those he things he has his influence over.

You are a child of God, a being that is "higher" then any demon or fallen angel. You also have numbers on your side, apparently the opposition doesn't do math, you don't go up against an army that is 2/3rd larger then you, that has you outgunned and is able to change the conditions of the battlefield on a whim. You don't go up against an opponent that can create unlimited reinforcements as well. We humans can at least do basic math, obviously they cannot.

Saturate your mind with the word, and with prayer, and make your mind, give the evil side a very bitter taste in it's mouth.

Don't reason, just do, my friend.
Jul 3rd 2013 new
On occasion, such thoughts come to mind, but then I think of my relatives who have gone before me who will surely be near: grandparents, aunts and uncles.... and that thought gives me comfort.
Jul 3rd 2013 new
Dang, you come up with the most interesting topics!

Yes, I think I'll probably die alone at an advance age and no one will notice except the gal at the UPS store who'll eventually realize that the mail is piled up more than usual.

On that cheery thought, Happy Fourth to one and all!
Jul 3rd 2013 new
What I said applies to you as well Marge. Don't project a dim future, you have only control and can project the present, in the present. Plan for a bright future, put in in prayer, and don't be afraid to take a hard look at what you could change about yourself to accommodate it.
Jul 4th 2013 new
Wow believe it not there's more to life then romance. Just saying.
Jul 4th 2013 new
Dying without sweetheart love, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, working at age 80....Man its a great time to be alive!
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