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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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about me....?

Jul 7th 2013 new
We can't all read each other's profiles so what is the one thing about you that you want everyone who reads the forums to know?
For me, it's that I simply love HUGS hug hug
Jul 7th 2013 new
And also that I love romance!
Jul 7th 2013 new
Trish, we can read each other's profiles. I see that you also like having a cute kitty on your head! smile
Jul 7th 2013 new
I think she likes being on my head more than I like it! laughing laughing laughing
Jul 7th 2013 new
(quote) Sandra-871852 said: Trish, we can read each other's profiles. I see that you also like having a cute kitty on your head!
What I meant by my question is that there are so many people in the forums that it would take a long time to read each and every profile. That's why I wondered what it is about each of us that we'd like people to know.
biggrin biggrin
Jul 7th 2013 new

I am one (the middle one) of triplets...Two sisters.....
Jul 7th 2013 new
I am the younger one of twins older sister
Jul 7th 2013 new
For people in the forums- I have difficulty with brevity in my writing. I apologize for all the eyes I have ever made glaze over with multi-paragraph responses. tongue

If we're talking people who have seen my profile, I'd like them to know that MY answer to the second question on my interview (basically, what does "hippie crossed with an ex-postulant" mean to you?) is the middle answer choice. As on many real-life tests, the "correct" answer is often the longest answer, or C, or both! But I find it interesting to see how many people choose one of the other answers, and really, there are very few "wrong" answers on my interview. I hope people have fun with it, and I generally don't interpret taking the interview as interest unless they tell me so (last question).

Jul 9th 2013 new
Seriously? Wow!

(I cannot help asking...are your sisters Bozas? duck)
Jul 9th 2013 new
I'm a lot warmer and friendlier and nicer IRL than in the forums.*

In the interest of brevity, a lot of my comments come out a bit sharper than I'd really like. In conversation it's easier to better mold the comments to fit the interlocutor.

* Stop laughing. It's true. I promise! crossfingers
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