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Legislation placing significant restrictions on abortion has passed both the House and Senate in Texas and now goes to the governor, who called a special session of the legislature to get it passed, so there is no doubt it will be signed.

Many of the abortion supporters protesting the legislation have been very unruly, to put it mildly. The plans to disrupt discussion and voting on the bill in the Senate included throwing tampons and sanitary pads (some of them used) as well as urine and feces. A number of pro-life supporters had to be locked up in representatives offices for their safety after threats of violence. The forces of evil are truly showing theirf ace in Texas.

Please pray for the safety of all involved, and for the conversion of the abortion supporters -- especially those who are obviously acting under the influence of demonic forces.

Jul 13th 2013 new
We are so very happy! I hadn't slept the night before and had planned on going to bed early and yeah, didn't go to bed until way past midnight last night staying up to watch the live feeds! Praise GOD! Texas is a happy, happy place to be, but keep praying for us here - Austin is crazy. There wasn't as much chaos as we thought there might be last night - there were reports of guns even at the capital last night but not injuries at all thanks to our wonderful DPS officers.

I've heard more and more stories about people changing their minds about this bill the more the conversations have been going on - just keep praying for us. We have some amazing pro-life legislators here. Pray especially for Senators Donna Campbell and Eddie Lucio, Jr. Senator Lucio is a pro-life Democrat who had the most amazing speech - he brought in his Catholic faith, scientific evidence, and threw down on behalf of life!

Can you tell I am still beyond excited? I'm a little surprised I slept at all last night!
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