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Jul 14th 2013 new
I try not to think about losers who make the wrong choices. After I say a prayer for their conversion I leave it at the foot of the cross. The problem with this man is that he thinks he is too smart. He doesn't see where science meets God. This man has intelligence but no common sense. He chooses his own spiritual destiny and to me that makes him a loser.
Jul 14th 2013 new
I recently encountered Rupert Sheldrake. He seems to be the Dawkins Antidote. He is good. An Anglican I guess.

I think Dawkins has been the single hardest hurdle to my development as a soul. Really threw me for a loop. I'm offering this Sheldrake as an option to anyone struck by the Dawkins dilemma. Just offering another angle that helped me out of a personal pitfall.
Jul 14th 2013 new
His problem isn't so much that he doesn't believe in God, as he's just incredibly uncharitable toward those he disagrees with. I can understand the viewpoint of the sceptic, even if I don't agree with it. Debate between believers and non-believers is healthy if it's charitable and if it's oriented toward a search for the truth. My problem with Dawkins is that he's mean and that he tries very hard to force his beliefs on others (like some fundamentalists I've encountered, because after all, atheism is also a faith; agnosticism is the antithesis of religion, not atheism.) Yes, my parenthetical sentence was a little tangential, but I choose to post it anyway! :-P
Jul 14th 2013 new
What about Dawkins gives you trouble? Dawkins doesn't really understand Christianity, so he erects a bunch of straw men to knock down (extremely loudly) upon which he declares that he has dismantled Christianity, when in reality he has done nothing of the sort. Dawkins likes to tear apart his made-up version of the faith, that's really about it.
Jul 14th 2013 new
Honestly, I find his arguments unconvincing and biased. (No offense to anyone who has been swayed by his thoughts). His perceived eloquence and pop culture status give far more attention to his assertions than he deserves. As he will not accept the possibility of God and will predefine Him to be strawman likenesses, his results are automatically skewed by his undefined premise that there is no God... he is therefore unfit to prove or disprove anything as he is more concerened with his opinion than of seeking the truth. It seems to be more of a pride issue for him. A decent book that helps shed light on him and dismantles several arguments is "Answering the New Atheism" by Scott Hahn and Benjamin Walker.
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