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funny times w/the kids

Jul 19th 2013 new
I think it would be fun to share some of the funny things our kids say or do.
My Theresa just washed an orange to snack on and as she was peeling it said, "I thought this was an orange. It sure looks like a 'white' now instead."
She has a droll sense of humor and is master, at 8yo, of the deadpan delivery.
Anyone else want to share something about their kids?
Isn't that what we as parents love to do?
I'm sure someone's kids have done something to tickle your funny bone.
Jul 19th 2013 new
Mother's day conversation among my kids:

Big Sis (age 20): For Mother's Day, I made pea soup and bought lemon pound cake onto which I poured homemade blueberries in syrup. What did you do for Mom?

Brother (16): I dried and put away the dishes, made her a batch of Kraft macaroni & cheese, brought her a drink.

Little Sis (16): I handed her a fork...
Jul 20th 2013 new
There are so many. Let's see . . .

From the Wayback Machine:
When my kids were little, I was making my son one of his favorite meals, Spaghetti and Meatballs, for his 8th birthday. He was busy playing a video game in the family room when my daughter (4) walked into the kitchen curious about dinner. I whispered my plan to her on the promise that she not tell her brother. She walks over to him and and says "Guess what's for dinner". He ignores her, of course. And I caution her about her promise. She pleads with me "Can I give him a clue?" I nod OK. She turns back to him. "Guess," she says. "It starts with a B". I give her a quizzical look. "B?" I ask. She turns to me with a look of withering condescension. "BUH-scetti, Dad. DUH!" It was her "DUH" that floored me. laughing

Praying - "Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts..."
-- From the Gelasian Sacramentary (7th century A.D.); a benediction retained in our short grace before meals.
Jul 20th 2013 new
OK...this'll be a two-fer...

When my kids were young their dad and I owned a beach-house. That meant, for some reason, that it was 'my job' to get the weekend station-wagon duty....trips back and forth with all the 'darlings'! My two oldest, both girls, were early teenagers and were constantly needling and sniping with one another. One trip I just couldn't take it any longer and I pulled over on the Capital (DC) Beltway and loudly ordered them to say something nice to each other before I would drive one more inch. It was #2's turn to go first and her response: "Oh, Monica, you have the MOST beautiful split ends!" Only a witchy teenage girl could pull that one out of a hat.

The other offering....

We were playing a game...Trivial Pursuit, I think....and it was my 5 yr old youngest's turn to answer.
Question: Name something that comes in PAIRS. Answer: SEEDS
Jul 20th 2013 new
My mother, oldest daughter when she was almost 6 and I were driving one day. For some reason my mom and I were trying to convince her that grown ups know EVERYTHING. So without a moments hesitation she says "Oh yea Kiki (my mom)? So what does God look like?"

She won! scratchchin
Jul 20th 2013 new
I took my two youngest (boy & girl twins), camping for their first time when they were very little. We had set up the tent and I was getting the campfire ready so I could cook supper. My son wondered over and asked, what ya doing, dad? I said I was going to cook supper. He got kind of an angry look on his face and blurted out loudly, "I don't want to eat wood!!"
Jul 20th 2013 new
It was winter and my middle school age son ( now 40) wore his moon boots to school which he thought were dorky but okay to wear outside in the snow. When he arrived at school, he realized he forgot to bring his shoes. He told me he decided that he was NOT going to walk around the halls wearing the embarrassing moon boots so he made some paper shoes and wore them all day! His teachers didn't notice them at all. He showed them to me when he returned home. Very funny and creative!
Jul 20th 2013 new
I don't know if this is appropriate to post on CM but it was a funny day. This happened when my two kids were young-6 years apart. We were were driving to Marblehead, MA for the day and my son brought along his best friend. His sister had gas. BAD gas. Smelly gas. So bad that both boys who had to sit next to her in the backseat, would lunge toward the windows and stick their heads out, whenever she passed gas. It was so gross/stinky. They had such funny frightened faces and would rush toward the windows each time it happened. Now that she is an adult they still laugh and tease her about it.

Jul 20th 2013 new
I'll always remember the day my son, who was around 4, realized that his birthday was the same as his date of birth. He had always had birthday parties and presents on his birthday, so that's what 'birthday' meant to him. One day he asked me on what day he was born. I told him and he said, "That's my birthday!!" as his face lit up realizing he just made the connection.
Jul 21st 2013 new
laughing The answer to that (and many other things) is, "Why should I tell you? What have you done for me lately?"

Everyone of my kids believed me when I said, "Mothers know everything, and anything that mothers don't know, grandmothers do." Until about age 10, I guess.
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