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Recruiting for meetups

Jul 22nd 2013 new
I tried to contact some local male CM members to join a local Catholic singles meetup. I was disappointed that CM customer service replied to me that they deleted my messages, judging that it was spam, and that one can only contact prospective matches.

What say you members? Was CM overzealous or justified? Or maybe just trying to protect their revenue stream?
Jul 22nd 2013 new
Would/ Should that topic go better in the "Regional" Forum? The last one on the list.
Jul 22nd 2013 new
There is a limit to how many messages you can send per day. Explain to Customer Service what you are trying to accomplish and they'll tell you the limits.

Also, if you know CM people in your area, ask them to contact people, too, in accordance with the limits. (I've done this, with one friend contacting all the men above a certain age, another below a certain age, etc..)

Definitely post in the forums, or in the Events pages if appropriate.

thumbsup for organizing something! :happy:
Jul 22nd 2013 new
They also sent me a long letter that they might want to post here. I was only sending the information to men I was interested in my age group and inviting them to local gathering. I also send out invites to men that I am also interested in for them to check out my profile and the forums. I really believe the forums are good to learn, pray for others and find local groups.
I also was hoping that local people would get emails from CM about local gatherings but they do not do this. If someone is not involved in the forums or just happen to open the events under more.... they would not even know about the gatherings. I find this frustrating.
Aug 29th 2013 new
You are right Bernadette. I have been on CM for a month and I just discovered this area of the site for meetups today----and I explore the site content daily. I thought the only events page was the main CM "Whats Happening". I am delighted to have stumbled across this information because it would be nice to meet local CM members.
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