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I've been riding my bike to work for the last week...getting 'geared' up!
If I can ride my 1968 Schwinn Varsity 5 miles each way to work, you can too!
Let's Do it! Give it a try-

Apr 29th 2013 new
What about ride your Rolling Along to work?
Apr 29th 2013 new

(Quote) Edward-4511 said: What about ride your to work?
(Quote) Edward-4511 said: What about ride your to work?

Wheels are wheels! biggrin

Apr 30th 2013 new

That would be kinda hard in my line of work. scratchchin I'm a home health aide, and I have to do a lot traveling visiting clients. Think my legs would fall off. faint laughing

Apr 30th 2013 new

I walk or bike, depending on the weather -- it's only a mile either way, except I usually walk/bike 2 miles to Mass first, then 2 miles from there to work, then 1 mile home. I used to work 7 miles away and that was sometimes dicey if the weather changed, but biking was fun since walking that far in time was out of the question! I plan to walk or bike all month. Thanks for the thread.

Jul 22nd 2013 new
Well I am 3 months behind on ths thread! Anyway I do enjoy bike riding when I can!
Jul 25th 2013 new
Me too. It's 20 miles to work for me. Not impossible. But I have to look "together" so I have not done it outside of school fundraising events. The students love it. I love working in education. Summers off = Lots of mileage! Big event this Sunday (62 mi) with a hill competition. Benefits St Jude's pediatric cancer research. Pledge online!
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