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re-sizing header photo?

Aug 4th 2013 new
I don't seem to be able to re-size it to cut out the children -- is there a reason this won't work for me?
Aug 5th 2013 new
To allow the best possible resolution of the photo, the header photo will always be aligned horizontally and cannot be resized on the site. I'd recommend opening the photo on a photo editor and cropping there before uploading it to the site.
Aug 5th 2013 new
or if it would be easier, I'm happy to crop the photo for you if you send a help ticket with a description of exactly where you'd like the photo to be cropped.
Aug 5th 2013 new
OK, thank you, but why does it look like re-sizing is offered with the tool shown?
Aug 5th 2013 new
When you click on the icon, it allows you vertically position your header photo.
Aug 5th 2013 new
Actually, it doesn't allow me to do anything at all!
Aug 6th 2013 new
The vertical positioning never worked for my header photo, the setting would not hold upon leving and revisiting the supposedly re-positioned photo. I had to manually crop locally on my computer and upload the modified image.
Aug 10th 2013 new
this is basically a request for Debbie. The vertical adjust works fine on my computer. What I need is a horizontal adjuster, to get my head out from behind my profile photo. It would be difficult to edit & re-upload, because the profile photo is superimposed only on the profile header on CM. I know there's enough photo there to shift me over a bit, it's a big picture. Could such a tool be added to the present edit function? Thanks!
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