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If you will ask couples whose marriage last long til their old gray years? They will tell you that their secret is that first they were friends. A friend is for life while a lover is just a passing fancy suggested by lust. 'Love your lover but marry your friend' as the quote says. Do you agree that a friend was there when you were at your worst? Did he ever leave your side when you were down on your bending knees crying on the floor as if the world will end tomorrow? A friend knows you inside out while a stranger knows you today and forget about you tomorrow when his goal on you ends. A friend will never do that to you because she/he loves you with a friendship affection. And from friendship what a beauty to discover a blooming bud among the asleep ones. :)
Aug 6th 2013 new
Praying rose heart Absolutely true and the friendship can grow the longer you nurture it. You can be attracted to someone and be friends and let it grow as well. If you pray and trust, you will accomplish what most people wish for. Friends grow and change and one must be open to that change because that is true in real life, you never know what life will bring. Praying rose heart
Aug 11th 2013 new
Sounds kind of creepy to me to develop a romantic relationship after experiencing years of friendship and camaraderie. Almost uncannily incestual, sort of like inter-familial matrimony. I have male friends that I rely on for support and sounding-board influence but in my wildest dreams i could never imagine becoming physically intimate with them. I view them as one would a brother. They are friends who just happen to be male in gender.

It's true that certain romances may hit the skids and you can be in a deeply committed relationship one day and out of it the next for whatever the reason but that fact would never bring me to the notion that a male friend was game for romance. I'd rather remain single. Just my humble opinion. What's wrong for me may very well work fabulously for someone else.
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