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How many names do you have?

Aug 11th 2013 new
My Birth name is Patricia. I also go by Pat, Patty, Trish and Trisha.
How many different names are you called?
p.s I don't answer when someone calls me Pat rolling eyes rolling eyes
Aug 11th 2013 new
Hi Trish. My given name is Mary Beth. My mother was going to name me Mary Catherine which I would have loved but she didn't think I could spell it o_0 Yeah.. I still haven't figured that one out yet but anyway.. lol
Most people call me Beth or Mary Beth. My 3 year old grandson calls me BetBet like my daddy used to do. :)
When I write, I used the name Seasons which many of my online friends know me by.

Aug 11th 2013 new
I go by Ed or Edward. You have to have special permission to call me Eddie. mischievous

Of course my popular nickname here, Zoom. Rolling Along There was also a lady at work who called me Speed Racer, and one former CM lady (and fellow Detroit Red Wings fan) calls me Wheels.

My Lord of the Rings nickname is Edwise, after Samwise Gamgee.
Aug 11th 2013 new

My father had some choice names for me,,,,.,,,but bad words are not appropriate here...

My wife called me Kenny,,or Mr. Ken or Mr. Adorable when she was happy with me.....

When she was not too happy with me my name was..." Listen Here Mister"....
Aug 11th 2013 new
My name is Sherrill-Anne.Yes it's 2 r's 2l's 2n's with an e at the end,I've had lots of variaions with the spelling.

I've been called and answer to Sherrill,Sherry,Sherr,Anne,Mom,,Moms,Aunty, Granny and Supermom, :You get a Gold Star! You get a Gold Star! biggrin
Aug 11th 2013 new
My given name is Michelle. One of my nickname's is Chelle (sounds like Shelley!), which you all know me by here. My initials (first, middle and last) are MAG; so, some people also call me Maggie. One of my cousins calls me Mich. I answer to all four!
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