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Has anyone on these forums ever attended a National Catholic Singles Conference? If so, what did you think of it? And did you go with a friend or by yourself? It is not too far from me this year, for the first time, and I'm debating whether to register or not. Obviously, it provides me with a chance to be around other single catholics, and - who knows - I could potentially meet that special someone there. However, I'd be among this large group of strangers, not knowing anyone; those situations are usually not comfortable for me. Also, the conference doesn't include all meals; you're on your own for a lot of them. I assume that the rooms are double occupancy. If you are not coming with someone, do they assign you a roommate, or how does that work? I need to decide soon, since the early bird price expires this Thursday. And it would work out nice that I have a show rehearsal that afternoon right there in King of Prussia. Thank you for any input.
Aug 12th 2013 new
I went in 2008 or 2009 to the Chicago one. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would go again if it were nearer. I went with a friend and so we roomed together. When we went, you had a choice of places to eat for meals and you signed up for each one. The cool thing was that allowed you the chance to sit by different people each time and get to know them a little.

I have several CM friends who are going. I'm not sure how many have an active profile here, but I would suggest that if you don't talk a friend into going with you, that you can chat up several of the people who are signed up here and get to know them a little beforehand. That way, you'll feel more at ease.

I think there's a facebook page related to the NCSC, too. You might check into it. If so, you can ask questions/get to know people there, too.
Aug 13th 2013 new
Hi Wendi,

I attended Chicago and Denver and had a really good time at both conferences. Here are some answers to your questions. You can get single rooms, I would phone the hotel to find out availability. I was able to get them in the past. Regarding the meals, there are sign-ups where you can join others for dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. In Denver, there were 5 or 6 local restaurants to choose from, within walking distance of the hotel.

Hope that helps:)
Aug 13th 2013 new
I went back in 2009 and had nothing but a positive experience.
Aug 13th 2013 new
Thank you for your input.
Aug 14th 2013 new
I had every intention of going, especially since King of Prussia is only 45 min from my brother's house. The situation for me has now changed (my brother is actually coming to NC now) and I can't go. sad
Aug 23rd 2013 new
I just found out I'll be going with a CM friend from another town. It will be my first time at any single's event... *trembling in my shoes just a tiny bit* Thanks so much for the positive encouragement & feedback.... Hope to see many CMers there.... theheart
Aug 25th 2013 new
I'm very excited to be going to my first NCSC! ---> So much so that I blogged about it this morning. Come say hi if you do go! :)

Aug 25th 2013 new
Attended it and enjoyed it. Started seeing someone that I met there but it didn't last, obviously!
Aug 25th 2013 new
I'm going, first time for me because it's only 2 hours away, I've never gone before because it's been far. Looking forward to it. So sign up, strangers become friends!!
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