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This room is for discussion for anyone who adheres to the Extraordinary form of the mass and any issues related to the practices of Eastern Rite Catholicism.

Saint Athanasius is counted as one of the four Great Doctors of the Church.
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Focusing on Springtime:
Tradition is the mainstream linking past and future blossoms

A guest article by Peter Miller

Disparaging labels are a desperate attempt by some small self-centered groups (who, in recent decades, thought they were the virtuous center of the Church, when in fact they constituted a very aggressive faction not as large as they thought) to deny Traditional-minded Catholics their full presence in the Catholic life. By defending in fullness and in its most profound and visible aspects the everlasting truths of the Catholic faith, life, and practice, Traditional Catholics are and have been in fact the avant-garde of the Church. And they will continue to hold the fort.
Although not explicitly stated as such, Vatican II was for years effectively treated as the lens through which to view the entirety of the Church. The Church was what Vatican II said it was or what someones interpretation of Vatican IIs spirit said it was. The future Pope Benedict XVI recognized this tendency in his 1988 address to the bishops of Chile. The then Cardinal Ratzinger lamented that

There are many accounts of it which give the impression that, from Vatican II onward, everything has been changed, and that what preceded it has no value or, at best, has value only in the light of Vatican II. The Second Vatican Council has not been treated as a part of the entire living Tradition of the Church, but as an end of Tradition, a new start from zero. The truth is that this particular Council defined no dogma at all, and deliberately chose to remain on a modest level, as a merely pastoral council; and yet many treat it as though it had made itself into a sort of superdogma which takes away the importance of all the rest. 5
5. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, "Address to the Bishops of Chile", July 13, 1988.
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