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Aug 15th 2013 new
(quote) Margaret-20183 said: That's as bad as people who describe themselves as "recovering Catholics."
Yes! I have met some people who seem to think it is funny to speak of our Faith so disparagingly. They are politely corrected and then mentally dismissed in my book. Do not say you are a practicing Catholic but do not go to Mass. Or that you don't accept Church teachings on most issues.
I really would like to meet someone on this site. I can move if a relationship develops. It would be nice if even one man on this site showed genuine interest in me as a potential match. What a delight it would be to find such a message!
Aug 15th 2013 new
(quote) Kenny-949632 said:
Honestly,,,someone said a month or so ago,,,there are better chances finding love at the Supermarket....They may be correct...
I'll meet you by the lettuce and cucumbers...
Now Kenny, you should go to the supermarket more often and get items off the top shelf for us short women. You never know who you might meet... maybe your next sweetheart!
Aug 15th 2013 new
(quote) Trish-977181 said: I too, think this is not the place to meet your "soul-mate" I think they should change the name to
"Catholic Lurkers"
"Catholic Forums"
"Catholic "unavailable"
"Catholic No Response"
"Catholic Mission Impossible"

smile laughing crossfingers Praying
Aug 15th 2013 new
(quote) Brian-278516 said: I do find it interesting when people blame everything and everyone else besides themselves. I was always under the impression that Catholicism was first and foremost an interior conversion and that the goal was to impact the world around you not vice versa. Dating is hard for sure and the last 20-30 years it has become increasingly more difficult. While I can't speak for other sites, I can speak for ours. I believe CatholicMatch better than anyone provides a fully Catholic experience in the way we construct our profiles, set the rules for reasonable behavior, provide quality Catholic content, focus on purposeful dating for marriage, facilitate a community where singles can deepen their faith and find support. I also believe we do our best to provide or our employees and their families and by having a workplace that celebrates Christian principles. Will we be able to please everyone or help everyone? No but at the end of the day I know what we stand for and what we try to do as a private business that strives to be faithful to it's apostolic work and mission.
I have more experience with online dating than I'd like to admit, but this site, by far, is the best online dating site. A site like, probably 85% of profiles are non-catholics, and the 15% that are, probably only about 20 to 25% takes their catholic faith seriously. I imagine that is similar among other online sites as well.

As for catholic sites, I have tried and that site is not nearly as good as this one. There is also, which is a good site for very traditional catholics, but there are few profiles and in my experience, many of the people on there can be very judgmental.

This site has worked out for me the best - even though I have been single for quite sometime. For starters, why complain about the forums? Are there people on here just for that? Maybe a few but so what? If they get satisfaction from the forums, what is so bad about that? But I imagine since you have to pay for a membership, the vast majority of people here on this site for purposes of dating. Sure, are there some people who are more serious about it than others? Yes, of course, but how is that different from the real world as a whole?

I think some people unfortunately don't look at the big picture. You only have to get it right once. Sure, rejection is never fun and dating can be a painfully arduous, frustrating experience, but patience is a virtue. You can't expect to meet the one for you overnight. Furthermore, no one should put down those who have been on this for quite sometime. They are likely still searching for the one....

Aug 15th 2013 new
From the responses, the women "generally" seem to be more dissatisfied (except for Angela, who works for CM) with CM than the men. By the men's responses, it appears that the men are quite satisfied with CM. Is it because women are harder to please? Or is it because the expectations of women are different than the expectations of men? Or is it a combination of the two?
From my experience, I have been quite satisfied with the "women's only forum" (pinkie's room). As far as meeting a potential mate on CM, I never even considered it a possibility, so I have not been disappointed by that aspect of CM. I did enjoy my time with fellow CMer's this past spring and hope to join a group again in California next week. Again, I have no expectations (other than everyone there be respectful of one another) so I will not be disappointed, unless I observe disrespect.
I have been disappointed with the lack of respect in the general CM forums, especially towards CM moderators (from male CM members). The fact that CM allows such blatant disrespect is the reason I will not renew my membership. In my frustration I have lashed out at male CM members because I do not see CM moderators taking any corrective measures to stop this behavior.
Aug 15th 2013 new
(quote) Margaret-20183 said: That's as bad as people who describe themselves as "recovering Catholics."
Do what the gays did. Appropriate (or expropriate) a good word and make it your own.

Then, we can all be recovering Catholics, like Peter (verse 31): sift, fail, recover.
Aug 15th 2013 new
I was on here 8 1/2 years before Larry and I connected on April 1st. Ask yourself.. "If I leave CM what will I do instead?" If the answer is withdraw and do nothing but stay home then better you should continue here.
Aug 15th 2013 new
(quote) Kenny-949632 said: I'll meet you by the lettuce and cucumbers...
I figured since you described yourself as a "sack of potatoes" in another thread that I would run into you in the Meat & Seafood section. I prefer to grill, not fry.
Aug 15th 2013 new
Everyone is entitled to their perceptions and their opinions, I am not trying to contradict or argue with anyone. However, I would like to respond to a couple of items. I do not work for CM. I am a member of CM, and have Moderator duties.

I have been on here for a while, and sometimes the disrespectful behaviours do flare up, and I am not entirely sure what causes it - a mix of personality conflicts, add some sleep-deprived cranky folks, frustration from others, and things blow up. There is only so much that Moderators can do, as people are expected to be old enough to know better in most cases. If Moderators do step in, they get criticized too. It's sort of like the police officer on a street corner when a fight breaks out who takes criticism for not doing enough. What are people doing on the street corner fighting anyway? As for disrespectful behavior online, just go read some of the comments youtube or any site that has celebrity news. People say just about anything hiding behind their keyboard.

I didn't join CM to be a Moderator, I joined CM to find a spouse. I haven't found one. Why am here? Have you seen some of the secular dating sites? wide eyed I also have had a hard time connecting with other Catholics living in a city where I did not grow up. At least on here, people know that today is a feast day. Have a pleasant evening everyone.
Aug 15th 2013 new
(quote) Laura-857740 said: Oh no! Meet ya at the candy isle!
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