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We all have differing views on physical beauty...In a dating and single world,,,how chubby is your potential Sweetheart allowed to be for your taste....??

How thin is your potential Sweetheart allowed to be for your taste,,?

What if a potential Sweetheart man/woman was just knock out gorgeous by today's standards,,,,,but had a poor distasteful personality....How would you feel in that scenario....?

What if a potential Sweetheart man/woman was a little too chubby or a little too thin by today's standards,,but had a most wonderful vibrant wholesome personality...? How would you feel in that scenario..?
I'm just a big sack of potatoes,,,,but I'd share some of my potatoes with a kind, loving mate....

So chubby/thin,,,does it matter to you..??
Aug 15th 2013 new
In my time here I have been heavy, then thin, then heavy again.. Heavy or thin didn't make any difference in the amount of contacts I got. I see some really beautiful thin women not having success so I'm sure it's not weight. Larry and I happened to connect when I was back up in weight. If it's the right person weight won't matter because they will love you in spite of your size.. Right now he weighs about 10 pounds less than me. It bothers me way more than it bothers him.
Aug 15th 2013 new
Hi Kenny.
For me, thin, chubby, beer belly is fine. What really concerns me is the health issues. I don't think I have the strength to deal with an anorexic or morbidly obese man. Nevertheless, if God send me all the signs and points me in the direction of a man who is in the extremes, I am confident that He will give me Spiritual strength as well as character to walk the way to Heaven with him.
Aug 15th 2013 new
It's completely and utterly irrelevant. :)
Aug 15th 2013 new
Hi, I matters to a lot of men.

The amount of contacts I receive on this site is limited.

I am honest about my weight and size and men can see it from my pictures. I am trying to lose weight but I haven't been successful. It's very disheartening that I have to be thin to be attractive to men.

I have a kind soul, a wonderful job and family. I would love to be accepted for who I am and supported for who God wants me to become.

Thanks for bringing this topic up Kenny.

Aug 15th 2013 new
Weight is not an issue with me. I just don't like extremes where someone is 85 pounds and frail or over 400 pounds. I think that both of these extremes are dangerous to one's health. There used to be a woman on here who was chubby but gorgeous and if I lived closer to her and my timing was better I would have pursued her. She met a guy on here who is handsome and thin and they wound up getting married and just recently had their first child together. I'm very happy for her because she's a sweetheart and a great all-around person. Those qualities to me transcend body weight.
Aug 15th 2013 new

Would we give someone a chance who ,,,,,as per their profile,,,,,,was a little too chubby or a little too thin..?

Would we not even try to get to know them,,and would we be possibly letting a potential Sweetheart slip away....?

I don't know about you people,,,but my next potential Sweetheart has not been knocking at my door.....

Hold on A MINUTE....,,,,,Someone is knocking at my door,,,gotta go,...............,bye.....!!
Aug 16th 2013 new
Personally, it's not the size that matters but what is inside that counts. The person could be 300 lbs but if he has a heart of gold, awesome personality, smart, responsible and has a great sense of humor, who cares about how much he weights. However, if I am together with that person, I would want to live a long and healthy life with him and would motivate him to make certain lifestyle changes. The same thing if the guy is 100 lbs.

If a guy is buffed and drop dead gorgeous in today's standard and yet he is selfish and is only concerned about himself, too bad for him. (Some guys are like that. They think they are God's gift to women.) I'm not even gonna waste my time with that.
Aug 16th 2013 new
Health is much more important than weight! I know that I need to have someone in my life that is mentally, psychologically, and physically healthy enough to be in a marital relationship with me. My family has every type of person and personality in it. We EXPECT acceptance from one another. Everyone has quirks, but they know they are loved. I could not be married to someone who had no interest in getting to know my family. Although we are scattered across the country, we call, we Skype, we visit, we stay in touch! If you lived in DFW, you would have to meet my daughter & son in law. sister! Kansas, North Carolina, DC?... My brothers and son! And you would enjoy them! We are all shapes and sizes, and mentally and physically stable.
Aug 16th 2013 new
Being a chubby girl myself, I certainly wouldn't hesitate responding to a chubby guy. I do think this medium makes it more difficult to get passed the physical. One has to be more involved in forums and these conversations to get any idea what someone's personality might be. We cannot see the twinkle in the eye or the smile that might sweep us away.

Note to self, get more involved in the forums and prepare to be swept!
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