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You Won the Powerball!!

Aug 16th 2013 new
Ok, you won the powerball and it was a huge amount of money-what would you spend it on. After changing my phone number, seeing a lawyer etc. I would send a large amount to EWTN and help all of the homeless, innocent children throughout the world. At that point I would also buy myself a custom-pink Mustang. What would you do ?
Aug 17th 2013 new
It has been my dream for many years to build a retreat house for families. With an emphasis on mending hearts, I would like to have concurrent programs for parents and kids dealing with various life issues. One weekend for single parent families, one for comfortably marrieds with children, one for Couples struggling to stay together, etc. pick a life issue, and plan a couple of retreats to be offered. Kids in one building, parents in another, apart but near. Both working on wholeness.
This started when I realized how blessed I was to have folks to care for my kids so I could attend a B E weekend. Believe it or not, some people have nobody to leave their kids with. And the sad part s that most kids could use a weekend as well.
There are any number of weekend themes that would be good for enriching the lives of those who otherwise could not afford the gift of retreat.
Aug 17th 2013 new
I'm not sure how far the money would go, but I'd love to pay off the debts of my family and close friends. Then i would start a Christian based natural health center to teach people how to manage their own health in a natural and affordable way. I would open several homes to help people get back on their feet after a crisis and would donate a good portion of it to my church. I would love to invest in worthwhile charitable organizations and would give jobs to people who have actually, "been there, done that". So many of these types of organizations today, help people and then send them out with no idea how to take care of themselves or how to avoid getting back into the same shape they were in before. I want to change that by actually teaching them about God and showing them how good the alternatives can be for them. It would be a life long commitment to continue to encourage and motivate them. There would be no free handouts. The people that we help would be held accountable for their actions and rewarded for staying on the right path. They would trade their talents, skills, or services for what they needed whether it was food, medicine, counseling, housing or whatever. If they didn't have anything to trade,we would teach them something or find something for them to do, something to give them a sense of self worth and dignity.I want to show them how faith really can heal. No it won't make a huge difference to the world but if it helps just one person then it would be worth it.
I would also build myself a castle.. 0_0 what? I always wanted a castle!

Aug 17th 2013 new
I would walk around Manhattan handing out $10 bills to beggars.
Aug 17th 2013 new
I would form a Foundation offering grants to agencies that serve the ill and the poor and those desiring an education.
Aug 17th 2013 new
I've watched kids in my neighborhood grow up, graduate from high school (or not) and then gradually drift aimlessly like a boat without a rudder into drugs and other antisocial behavior. Bad parenting to be sure. I'd build a youth center where young people up to a certain age could come after school and learn job skills, workplace etiquette, etc. Todays youth no longer join the military in significant numbers, so they haven't learned the workplace survival skills you learn there- following directions and personal responsibility for starters. These are essential stepping stones along the path to a successful life.
Then I'd buy myself a brand spanking new, candy-apple red, top o' the line riding lawnmower!
Aug 17th 2013 new
I would partner with the Opus Dei or another trusted Catholic organization on nutrition, healthcare and quality education that incorporates a moral and spiritual component for some Nigerian children. I would particularly want an education that teaches particular skills, like apprenticeships. Fortunately, I am from Nigeria, a supposedly oil-rich country where an estimated 70% of the population live below the poverty line so it's never hard to find people in dire need.
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