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Discussion related to living as a Catholic in the single state of life. As long as a topic is being discussed from the perspective of a single Catholic then it will be on-topic.

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Aug 16th 2013 new
Kristen; we cannot submit our opinions on "Why" until we know what exactly the question is.

Aug 16th 2013 new
(quote) David-870960 said: Chocolate!!!
Chocolate...THE BEST !!!!!
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Aug 16th 2013 new
(quote) Laura-857740 said: Chocolate...THE BEST !!!!!

Why? Chocolate! That s the best reason why!
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(quote) Margaret-20183 said: Sometimes a person's length of stay has little to do with a lack of sincerity or drive to find a spouse. They simply have not found the right person. I want to get married to the right man, and not due to society's timeline or expectations for me.
Preach it girl!!
Aug 16th 2013 new
(quote) Angela-374523 said:

I do have to say that is, in fact, hard to find a spouse. This is a specialized site for Catholics, so there may fewer members here than on the some of the other bigger name sites. Having more members doesn't necessarily ensure dating success either. A lot of people have restrictions on a long-distance relationship due to their personal obligations and there may not be many CM members in their area.

Being on a dating site for a while is not an indicator of lack of seriousness in the search for a spouse either. A group of my friends discussed this not too long ago (in person at a local gathering). A friend of a friend, who is not Catholic, was on a popular secular dating site for ten years. She is now engaged, but she did not meet her fiance online, as they were introduced by other mutual friends. It turns out that they were classmates in elementary school, they had some things in common and their relationship blossomed. A membership on a dating site is not an order form to purchase a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse; it is just one tool that you can try to use to meet people.

Again... Preach it girl!! God's timing is supreme!!

Aug 16th 2013 new
Keep the faith, Sisters and Brothers in Christ!

Maybe you haven't found the right match yet because you are not waiting for God's perfect timing, and that could be more than a 6 month subscription. I'm a newbie to this site, but after being on a couple of secular sites where 90% of the people describe themselves as nonreligious, and faith is not part of the conversation, I find it refreshing that we can be on CatholicMatch to discover that there are other Catholics out there who are genuinely searching for a nice Catholic guy/gal and not afraid to admit it. At least there is a forum to voice your concerns as a Catholic interested in dating AND adhering to God's will without being thought of as weird.
Aug 16th 2013 new
(quote) Kristin-926543 said: When I joined this site five months ago I thought the main reason was for actual dating. I have found that there seems to be another function-cyber socialization - nice but not what I was looking for. I am tired of the I look at profile-guys look at profile and then nothing. It seems to me that if individuals were looking (seriously) there would be more actual interaction. I view mens profiles and they appear to be a "catch" and then they are listed as on here for years. If it is over two to three years then it difficult for me to believe they are actually looking for a soulmate. My subscription runs out in a few weeks and I can not see renewing it when this does not seem to be a dating site.
I agree. I feel like it is one big chess game, and I am not making all the right moves
Aug 16th 2013 new
(quote) Laura-857740 said: Chocolate...THE BEST !!!!!

doesn't even matter what the question was......seen on my facebook
Aug 17th 2013 new

Sorry for the long reply (I know most will probably skip it) but after reading through all the posts I want to make a few comments.

First, it has come up repeatedly in the forums women believe that us men are only looking for this "dream girl" but that is not true (for most of us). We are looking for compatibility and MOST one here are not going to be a match. I have yet to hear of any man's profile that reads only, "Looking for a Catholic woman with a pulse". The reality (to the detriment of the site) is people here do come with high expectations/standards.

Second, I do agree this is the best "Catholic" site, but am wondering whether this is really the best tool (as the analogy in the blog puts it) for me. Is CM a saw, when what I really need is a hammer? Doesn't matter if you know how to use a tool if you don't have the right one. Perhaps people need to discern if God is really calling them to be on this site. Just because it is here, does not mean it is for everyone.

Third, as to the lack of "dating" on this site, I find it challenging to get a date on here. My top three reasons for not dating a lot on this site are:

1) Lack of response. I just don't get a lot of responses (5% at best) despite all the tips and suggestion CM and others give like sending an actual message with something based on their profile. I attribute it to a low percentage of paying members and/or I am not up to what others are looking for.

2) No LDRs- I don't have several hundreds of dollars to spend to fly or drive to another part of the country just to go out on a date. Personal face to face time is very important to me and LDRs just don't cut for me (based on my personality type).

3) I like to stay in my age range (I don't think I need to elaborate on that)

This thread was helpful because it did give me the idea to get a picture of me as if I was hooked on some fisherman's line holding me up as a prize. Maybe then I might look like a catch. laughing

Aug 17th 2013 new
Richard thank-you for your thoughts and to all others who responded. Peace and Love to all !!
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