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the coming economic collapse

Aug 20th 2013 new

The distraction has begun,

You will soon be invited to move into a "residence Camp" currently under construction under the guise of "FEMA" for your own safety . dont be fooled .

Buy gold , take your money out of the bank ,get out of the U.S. dollar , get yourself a garden , store up non perishable food items , stay away from doctors , get out of debt, prepeare yourself for the created , upcoming pandemics , virus's , flu bugs and epidemics, that will be unleashed on the American public to cover up the real reason America should be in an uproar .

The intentional annihilation of our currency and the destruction of our Country , all to benefit the filthy super trillion dollar elitists, of "The Illuminati" that control the world ,

Life in America, the way we know it, is about to come to dramatic and swift end . Make sure you will be able to defend yourself , when the distraction begins . Dont take the bait . Stay in your homes , stop paying the illegal income tax the government continues to steal from the efforts of your labors. Vote for the Libertarian candidate in your area . Lets take back our country from the government Mafia and the banking Cartel . Abolish the I.R.S. Audit and then eliminate the Federal reserve . Lets get a grass roots effort together to issue a new currency in America restored to the gold standard and rid ourselves of the tyrannical rule America is currently under . Enough is enough!!!!!! It might already be to late . America is 17 trillion in debt , and the Ponzi organization called the federal reserve continues to print 85 billion in new debt each month , just to pay ther interest on the current debt . i cant make this stuff up . America is paying its maxed out visa card , with its maxed out visa card . OMG

Aug 20th 2013 new
Breath Casey Breath.
Aug 20th 2013 new
Casey the words of St. Pio -Pray, Hope and Don't Worry seem applicable here. It is very possible that these things may come to pass but Jesus says "Be not Afraid" most importantly we must stay in a state of grace and pray and pray and pray.........
Aug 20th 2013 new
hoping for feedback , your thoughts?
Aug 21st 2013 new
Hi Kristin,
Yes , prayer is very good , but so is preparedness. Sometimes taking action is the best form of prayer . We live now in a changing world . A world that changes very quickly . i am merely trying to bring to the attention of my CM friends the fact that change is in the air .
Its important not to allow ones mind to get caught in the very common trap the of normalcy bias ..
The evidence , for those who are looking for it, is overwhelming that the currency crisis and the world monetary crisis is just around the corner ,Big Cities are declaring bankruptcy. Detroit MI and Stockton CA. to name a few .
Hundreds of thousands of Jew's remained in Nazi Germany , refusing to believe they would become part of the Holocaust !!
I am so grateful for the Love that God has supernaturally implanted in our hearts . His love , available to us for the taking , is my source of Hope and Faith . It is the life of Jesus and the promises of God that spur me on despite what , on this earth may lay ahead . All of God's faithful children are assured that after the test , there is an incredible inheritance called Eternal Life waiting for each of us . The reward of sharing in the salvation of our Lord, is in itself, so encouraging , that perseverance and obedience to His Holy Word until the day of our own salvation is possible.
The Glory of the Lord is all around us. Our God reigns over heaven and earth .
May we be awake to the changing times and implement strategies that allow us to adapt too the coming , Planned world economic meltdown , that shall affect 99.5 % of the worlds population .

Peace of Christ to all as we place our continued and unshakable trust in Jesus and the power of His resurrection.


Aug 21st 2013 new
I wouldn't worry that much about a complete collapse. People have been saying it's coming for years. The reality is the United States is on the decline, as are other western countries that have flourished in the last 100 years or so.

But we're not coming to a swift end. Most likely our end will come from years and years of a slow spiral.

Hey, if I'm wrong and you're right, I have my rifles, shotguns, and all the open mountains in western Montana to live off the land!

Also don't invest in gold. If you want a really good investment (besides food, medicine, ammo, and alcohol--which will be a huge trading commodity in this theorized post apocalyptic world) you should look into rare earth elements.
Aug 23rd 2013 new
Well, I suppose I should be worrying but I am not! I don't want to get wrinkles. Besides, I must recall that I have never been without food, a place to lay my head, and a pot to pee in! Why should I become so untrusting ? I do not need much. I can give more than I take. And God will be with me no matter what happens. So I offer prayers for guidance and Thansgiving!
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