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Aug 18th 2013 new
Edward had a lovely weekend with two, yes two, lovely CM ladies ... Michelle from Pittsburgh and Janet from Wisconsin. We had lunch at Michelle's house yesterday; she made Cincinnati style chili from scratch. Then we attended the Pirates game. pirate baseball Unfortunately, the Buccos were routed by the Arizona Diamonbacks, 15-5. But we had excellent (and cheap) seats; I will strongly consider the same location for my next outing at PNC.

We had dinner afterwards at the Grille on Seventh; there were, unfortunately, problems with our orders. Although the salads Janet and I had were tasty, they were missing an advertised ingredient- apples. It turned out the kitchen had run out of apples and had not told our waiter. Also, Janet's and Michelle's soup was not the proper temperature and had to be sent back to be reheated. We will probably not be going there again.

We attended Mass together at 12:30 today at St. Sebastian's Church, then I headed home.

Aug 18th 2013 new
Looks like a lovely weekend, Edward! Sorry about the salads and soups.... Chelle has been feeling sick all week - seemed like nothing more that a summer head cold. She thought she would take the day to rest, since the caregiver left early and the handyman wasn't feeling well himself. She went to lie down, thinking when she woke up that she would feel 100%. Instead, Chelle now feels a little nauseous (sp?)! Chelle is sad because Chelle hates being sick!! Chelle is going to bed early tonight, hoping that this will finally get rid of the cold. She wants to start off the week fresh!
Aug 19th 2013 new
Rachel is sorry Chelle is feeling unwell and she is praying for you and hoping you feel well soon!
Rachel is happily tired from the past 3 days of parties and week of having my oldest son home and all 6 kids home together for Saturday and Sunday and hosting most of her extended family all Sunday.
Rachel put up a couple pictures of her kids with her in front of her home during yesterday's party and would love to have others view them and see her 6 blessings together!
This morning Rachel went shopping for teaching attire with her only sister and mother -- lots of fun!
This afternoon Rachel 'went fishing' with her youngest daughters and niece at the nearby crick -- catch and release of minnows and waterskippers only!
Aug 19th 2013 new
Rob is particularly strange mindset(which is not strange), and particularly fatigued--40 hours of work in 3 days. Hope to actually comment properly this weekend.
Aug 20th 2013 new
Chelle is feeling sad for Rob! Forty hours in three days is alot of work. Chelle hopes that Rob gets his rest and is able to rejoin CM and his sweet home of Alabama with a clear head. Chelle is also feeling more clear-headed, as her cold seems to be gone! She will go to bed soon and (possibly) sleep in a little bit tomorrow. Chelle is happy that tomorrow is Tuesday because it's her favorite day of the week!
Aug 21st 2013 new
HEllo, Chelle, Rob, Rachel, Anne and everyone. Margo missed you! Just a quick post before getting ready for work. The support staff at the tiny mental health clinic where Margo works were told last week that their jobs will end effective 12/31. Plz keep them in your prayers. Ownership of the clinic will change then; M is excited and happy abt the new changes.

Supposed to be very hot and humid here today. My air conditioner is running right now and it's set at 72 degrees. M moved some plant cuttings from a friend that she was given inside, watered them and also watered her rhubarb, which is in the "serious condition" category.

Today is Margo's daughter's 24th birthday. She has already texted her with happy birthay memories. This child was M's tiniest (7 lbs., half an ounce). M loved to cup her daughter's bottom in her hand when she was pregnant, and her daughter liked it too. M has always called her her Solid Gold Baby because she has such a bubbly, resilient personality. Happy memories. She is student teaching this semester in music.
Aug 21st 2013 new
Happy birthday to your daughter,Margo! biggrin Rachel is hoping you don't get too hot! She is praying for many of her on-line friends who are suffering in the heat, especially ones w/ broken ac! sorry Praying

Rachel must take her daughters school shoes shopping today before swimming. wide eyed

Rachel is saddened by some of the drama and pointing of fingers on cm and prays everyone will settle down and find God's purpose for their days, with joy in their hearts and no jealousy, blindness or worthless pain. rosary

Rachel has been hanging laundry in the sun and breeze and chatting with her neighbor while watching her children play with the cats. biggrin biggrin
Aug 21st 2013 new
Chelle shares Rachel's joy in hanging the laundry on the line to dry in the breeze! Chelle also shares Rachel's sadness regarding some of the posts on CM. Chelle wishes love and happiness for all! Chelle hopes her fellow perpetual status thread posters will support her as she struggles through a snafu relating to her new job. Chelle wants to get over it, but it seems to be stuck in her head on it's own perpetual status thread!!
Aug 22nd 2013 new

Joanne is back in the li'l ol' school house getting ready for the new year with old and new students, old and new teachers.

She has been putting health room supplies in their proper places after being cooped up in boxes delivered by the handsome, friendly man in the brown shorts... wink

Joanne is updating mailboxes, up dating phone #'s and directories, updating orientation forms, replacing old teacher names with new teacher names by the classroom doors. And yes there is more...but I won't be a bore.

In spite of the heat,
Joanne works in the cool office,
Cool office...if I may repeat.
But I won't whine,
It's occasionally tempered by "power surges"
My partners and mine.

Alas, my status at this moment is...(yawn)...tired.
So I bid you all a good night,
Sleep tight,
Don't let the bedbugs bite.

E-e-ew! Who ever came up with that phrase anyway?? eyepopping

Aug 22nd 2013 new
Anne is happy reading the Status posts,and hearing what you good people are up to.
She understands strange head sets ---and highly recommends what she did today..a beautiful relaxing swim,followed by a hot shower smileMind you,an indoor pool,hot shower in a cold country..Is it still quite hot over there? Margo Anne's big boy turned 18 today,passed his drivers licence test -and took my car scratchchin
Anne has a warm glow when she thinks of all the prayers offered for one another on C.M.
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