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This room is for the discussion of prayer life, posting prayers of the Church and prayer requests.

Saint Jude is the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations.
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Aug 26th 2013 new
Kathleen - I have had a suicide in my family and I know how difficult it is for the survivors. I pray not only for your cousin but for healing within the family. God bless.
Aug 26th 2013 new
more prayers son 19 tried by overdosing this january
and survived......that was bad enough so I cannot fathom your reality
Aug 27th 2013 new
Prayers of comfort and peace go out to you, your uncle and the rest of your family. May there will be reconciliation and forgiveness amongst those who feel resentment and blame. A special prayer is also offered for your cousin. May her soul be saved. Stay strong and know God is always there.
Aug 27th 2013 new
Prayers offered.
Aug 27th 2013 new
Praying Praying hug hug
Aug 27th 2013 new
I feel so sorry for your family having to go through a conflict and death. Two very hard emotions and times in ones life. My prayers are for you all.
Aug 28th 2013 new
sad hug Thank you all again!
The funeral is tomorrow at 2pm .
My uncle is so uneasy considering he will be seeing many estranged family members tomorrow.
My mom and 1 sister were able to go there so will be supporting him in case the others cause trouble. It is a shame that we have to worry about that .
God Bless You for your orayers for him and his family.
Aug 28th 2013 new
Praying I join my prayers with yours and others here Kathleen
Aug 28th 2013 new

I'm so sorry for your loss and the family problems. I will pray for your family..
Praying rosary theheart Praying rosary theheart

Aug 28th 2013 new
Praying theheart
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