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As I have been reintroducing myself to Catholicism after years of being away from the Church, I have noticed the formation of a devotion to Christ in the Eucharist. It seems to me that there needs to be widespread teaching among Catholics that emphasizes what it is that we are consenting to when we say, "Amen" as we are given the Eucharist. My own family refers to the consecrated gifts as mere "bread" and mere "wine" and it saddens me.

I think it ought to start with extraordinary eucharistic ministers. There should be a formation period and catechesis so these laymen are taught what it is they are handling. After this, it's time to move on to the rest of the laity.

For goodness sake, we are distributing, receiving and consuming none other than Christ Himself! This is the second Person of the Trinity! This is God! If there is even on Catholic who does not believe this, then we have failed that person.
Aug 30th 2013 new
Max.. WELCOME to the Forums.. and very good thoughts. My perception is similar,,and would add that i think in an effort to cut down on time it takes to distribute communion..we have gone from saying "THIS IS..the body of Christ" to just "body of Christ", which i feel may contribute to the misunderstanding in the laity. biggrin Praying
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