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This room is for supportive and informative discussion about divorce and/or the annulment process. All posters must have been previously divorced or annulled.

Saint Eugene De Mazenod is patron of dysfunctional families & Saint Fabiola obtained a divorce from her first husband prior to devoting her life to charitable works.
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Aug 29th 2013 new
(quote) Michael-556947 said: What do you don't want change ?

I don't want Christ's WORD to be changed! He instituted the sacrament of MARRIAGE. It is well defined. The Catholic Church simply teaches us all about it and preserves the TRUTH about it. Not even the pope (Francis in this case) can CHANGE it to be other than it has been for 2,000+ years. For example, anyone that looks for reforms (changes) in a way that the Church will suddenly "approve" same-sex marriage is too far out on a dead limb.

Michael, what you and I have is a failure to communicate on the same level.

My question to you I expect now will go unanswered. You continuously replying to my question with a question is not an answer, Michael.
Aug 29th 2013 new
The issue here is annulment . what it is and how its handle . thats the topic eventually this Pope will be dealing with . he has started the process . What we have to do is Pray for Pope Francis in these decisions .
Aug 29th 2013 new
If we have proper formation and well informed and intentioned men and women, then annulments become practically unheard of...
Sep 8th 2013 new
I was actually going to make a copy of my annulment paperwork and post it as one of my photos.

Sep 8th 2013 new
I have read the blog, the blog comments and also all the comments in this thread. I think that annulments are serious work, difficult, important work. My annulment has helped me be comfortable in my own skin, although there was one intensely uncomfortable moment for me as I was processing my annulment.

Although I love marriage and would dearly love to be in a holy, sacramental marriage, I am at the point of acceptance, where my fate is in God's hands, as it always has been. I am living my life, making myself known to others and if by chance I meet a nice Catholic man.... hug
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